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    hi all. i am taking an informal poll about a problem i had 3 weeks ago. first started taking duragesic 25 patches 12/8,and for the first 2 weeks it was miraculous!(except it only lasted 64-68 hrs, vs 72 that it is supposed to last). Got a refill on 12/18 and got NO RELIEF--not ANY!!!!!!, for 3 patches, then used a patch from my second box (same lot#) and again, NOTHING!!!! Finally got in to see my doc, who gave me 50mcg, but i really wanted to have a blood level drawn to see if there was ANY fentanyl in my system(he said it was too expensive). He was going to check with the drug rep to see if it was a bad batch, but i know there was no medicine in these patches at all! The lot (control)# is 0201903, and exp. date is 10/04. Back to great relief on 50's, but they feel a little too strong, 25's worked well for me except this batch. Haven't heard results of patch analysis (i turned in my remainder patches, including a used one and the one i had just put on) and am curious to see if anyone else has has a problem with this batch of meds? Thanks in advance for any responses--laurie