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  1. dustyfairy

    dustyfairy New Member

    Does any one know why my whole body feels like it's humming? I have Lupus and some times I can barely stand it!!
  2. dustyfairy

    dustyfairy New Member

    Be careful sweetie, my tests come back neg unless I'm flaring, so you could still have what is called Negative ANA SLE Lupus, the only way they could diognos me was when I was in a bad flare up, and they did a core biopsi of a discoid spot on my back and found lupus cells. We need to find out what this stupid humming, sorta electric feeling is. Thanks for the response.
  3. hopeforcure

    hopeforcure New Member

    Hi, I have this humming noise too. I have CFS. What type of doctors did you see about it?
  4. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    i too have that buzzing feeling like theres something electrical in my body, sometimes i feel it in my legs, other times i feel it in my chest area. wierd to say the least. theres been a few posts on here so it's kinda common. havent told the doc about this symptom,whats she gonna say..... Probably hmmmmmmm.