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    There was a conference in Reston VA in April with some of the most noted doctors at the forefront of treating Lyme and co-infections. It is highly informative and is for patients and doctors both. For the set (total of 5), it is about $50.

    I just got mine Saturday, so far have listened to 2 of the 5 - the first DVD is entirely Dr. Burrascano... be warned, LOL, he talks fast, I had to repeat parts - but he makes it all understandable.

    Here is description of what the DVDs cover:
    The Hope to Heal Lyme Disease Patient Conference recently took place on April 1-2, 2006 in Reston, VA. We had a packed house of close to 400 attendees, great food, informative exhibitors and, MOST of all, TWO days of highly educational talks from nationally known lyme literate specialists such as Dr. Joseph Burrascano, Dr. Joseph Jemsek, Dr. Steve Bock, Dr. Ann Corson, Dr. Charles Ray Jones, Dr. Leila Zackrison, and Dr. Bernard Raxlen.

    If you missed these presentations on lyme disease and co-infection treatment coupled with ALTERNATIVE SUPPORT THERAPIES, you now may order the 5 disc DVD video set of the actual speaker presentations

    (approx. 15 hours of real lyme literate doctors navigating you through the latest in diagnosis and treatment options, all delievered at a "patient" level.

    -At the conference, we were also very excited to have Bonita Boyer, District Epidemiologist for Loudoun County's Virginia Dept. of Health present on the latest surveys that are being conducted on lyme disease.

    -We had many stellar exhibitors again this year to include Country Ray Saunas, Ondamed, Juice Plus+, LymeResource., Nu-Tune Press, Wellness Pharmacy, QMedRX, CureImmune, University of Maryland Center of Integrative Medicine, National Capital Lyme Disease Assoc., Theralac, Massage by the Minute by Kristen McKenzie, Xango, Biomat and Waiora, Corman Health Care, Bodywork and the Telsa machine by Dr.Victoria Stranov, Judy Madore's lyme magnets, and more! You may click on the "2006 Conference exhibitors" button to obtain more information on their alternative and support therapies.

    Highlights on the DVD set include:

    -Dr. Joseph Burrascano on the latest in lyme treatment to include a discussion of hyperbaric oxygen treatments options and lyme disease treatment in pregnancy.

    - Dr. Bernard Raxlen spoke on the issue of neuro-psychiatric lyme and its targeted treatment.

    -Dr. Joseph Jemsek presented an in-depth discussion on lyme and co-infections and the complexity of treating them.

    - Dr. Ann Corson and Dr. Charles Ray Jones presented a comprehensive discussion of the intricate nature of pediatric Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment.

    -Brand new and expanded, Dr. Steve Bock presented an in-depth overview of INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE which included discussions on hyperbaric oxygen chambers, nutrition, acupuncture, herbal protocols, etc.

    -A very detailed, interactive, Q&A panel between the audience of patients and a panel of the speaking LLMDs.

    I just googled "Lyme conference dvd reston va" to get the ordering info - should be first site.

    I just wish I could have also ordered the handouts given at the conference... they don't show the slides the speakers are referring to, altho it really doesn't stop one from understanding what they are saying.

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    I was there!! It was very imformative. I asked 2 questions. I thought Dr. Bock was the fastest talker. I couldn't really understand him as well as the other docs.

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    These DVDs have a LOT of information on them, I cannot recommend them highly enough!


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    for letting us know!