Dx last week with Lyme

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    Now just waiting for the results of co-infections. I am currently on 100mg 2x a day of the Doxy. This is day 5 on the Doxy.

    I actually have little fog today.

    Can the doxy make you feel like normal and then the Lyme fights back and makes you feel like crap?

    I know Dr told me day 5-14 might herx. All last week I was freezing to death and had to bundle up in my 80degree house. Today is first day I am not freezing.

    I just find everything so strange and confusing. Speaking of strange I had a thing happen Friday that scared me.

    I was trying to think of what to call that thingy you drain pasta in. Collendar everyone was saying. No thats not right doesn't sound right.

    I actually started to panic cause I couldn't think of word and felt collendar was wrong. Is this just part of herxing?

    Thanks for listening and hopefully you guys have some ideas for me.
  2. victoria

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    is very common... were you recently bitten or what? as otherwise this course of doxy will likely not be enough.

    What you're experiencing is the herx - exacerbation of your symptoms and what your doc is warning about. It can happen faster; with my son it started within 24 hours of abx. It would be good if you read thru the posts here, there's lots of good info here, and my brain is fogged today too... and have to think about going to the store...

    all the best,
  3. doxielover70

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    Yeah I was bitten in 1999 or 2000 can't remember which. I guess I am suffering with information overload. I have read so much from this site and other Lyme sites. Just wanted some encouragement I guess.
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    I experience that daily especially with spelling words that
    I normally have no problem spelling. The day before, or
    the day after, I may not have a problem with THAT word, but
    most likely some other one! I believe it is related to the "brain fog" and fatigue that seems to be prevalent with this
    and some other illnesses as well. Not as worried as I use to
    be about it. I can still make accurate $$$ change!! Five $5's
    in a $20.00, correct?

    My Son always claims that HE PAYED for Lunch last week, and it's MY turn! My memory problems work out great for HIM!!!