dx'd with plebitis today..

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sybil, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. sybil

    sybil New Member

    as if things weren't bad enough.
    i have to take antibiotics to get rid of the inflammation.

    i seem to be going for bad to worse at the moment,what with my red blood cells showing signs of damage,now this,i am reaching the end of my tether,

  2. Fibromiester

    Fibromiester New Member

    I'm not real familiar with all you have been through, but I know it has been a lot, and I'm sorry for this new added Pressure... You are in my prayers now, and yes, do something nice for Sybil right now...Get a Massage, or spend a day just relaxing- in the tub, on a hot pad, keep warm and comfortable. We all Care~
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  3. sybil

    sybil New Member

    plebitis is inflammation of veins in my case,it is my left leg.
    but my doctor said it can lead to blood clots.i am being treated with antibiotics,erythromycin.i am wearing an elastic support stocking and am trying to keep my leg propped up higher than my hip.

    i was recently DX'd with a blood problem,my red blood cells,platelets,are showing signs of damage.so whether that has anything to do with the plebitis,i won't know till i see the haematologist in 4/6 weeks time,
    thank you for your support,i appreciate it,