Dying Man Healed in an emergency room

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    Hi all,
    I belong to a website called the "World Prayer Team" and I received this in my e-mail this morning and wanted to share it.
    Dying man healed in emergency room through prayers;
    sees vision and repents.

    The Bible often makes reference to the unseen battle that is constantly being waged in the spiritual realm for the souls of all humanity. Sometimes, though the enemy can afflict us with sickness, God can use it to open our eyes to His love and our need for Jesus as Savior. We recently received a very powerful and astounding account from a World Prayer Team member:

    “Mr. Hernandez went in the hospital and was told he was dying and would be dead by the end of the week. I put in a prayer request to The World Prayer Team and within 10 minutes the hospital called my friend and said things were getting better. Within 24 hours he had blood pressure and received medicine and his pancreas came back fully functioning! Then they said his kidneys had stopped working and would need to live on dialysis. But, the day after they said that, his kidneys began working. He was set up to die, but now lives, praise God! Every day was a giant miracle leading up to his being released to go home within three weeks. He was not right with God at the time and said he saw demons on one side of the room wanting to take him and angels on the other side holding them back! When he got home all he wanted to do was get right with God!! Thank you so much for all your prayers he wouldn’t be here today without them. And praise be to our God for healing him. May God richly bless you.”