Dynamic neural retraining system

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  1. cfsalberta

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    Has anyone tried these seminars or purchased cd package? If so what are your comments.
  2. quanked

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    Never heard of this DNRS but I googled it and the info has me wondering too. There are going to be several programs being presented--Zurich, Florida and Seattle (June)

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    I hope someone out there responds to your thread. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. IsaacPeabody

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    I bought the DVDs at the end of December and have been practising the retraining since then. It took me a couple of weeks watching and rewatching the videos to digest the information and to learn the 'steps' for rewiring the limbic system. At that time I felt so ill I was convinced I was dying. To start with I had to take it quite gently and although you are advised to practise for at least an hour a day, I could only manage a few minutes, and had to do it lying down. Now, three months later, I am up and about, rarely have to take a rest in the day, don't feel that awful exhaustion any more, sleeping LOADS better, and my anxiety and depression have diminished in bucketloads. I don't feel recovered yet, by any means, but with this programme how you feel isn't so relevant as correcting the root cause of the problem - the trauma, or injury in the limbic system of the brain.

    I would recommend the DVDs to any CFS sufferer - the programme can only make you feel better and it's kind of an exciting challenge as well to put the work in and see the results.
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    Your report is encouraging. I wonder how the workshops go. But they are awfully expensive though.