dysautonomia vs. cfs

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    so.........what the heck is going on with me

    Sick 2 years now. Everything u can imagine is going on...from fatigue, intolerance to heat, no sweating, anxiety, extreme fatigue, dizzyness, vision probs, concentration/memory probs, total body aches all the time, light headedness, intolerance to alcohol, heart murmur head pressure, numbness, etc etc etc.

    First diagnosis: depression
    2nd, 3rd, 4th bull crap diagnosis: depression
    5th diagnosis: CFS
    6th diagnosis by a Specialist: Chronic Lyme
    Now, I know #5 and #6 can CAUSE dysautonomia problems...cause i feel there is no doubt i have dysautonomia....

    But what the heck came first..the chicken or the egg.
    If its CFS..... did the dysautonomia cause it? Or the other way around?!

    Do I stay on antibiotics or try antivirals?????????
    Its hard enough being sick...but to be confused on how to better your health and gettin the run around is bull pucky.
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    Hi there,

    I have dysautonomia as diagnosed by my neuro and a tilt test. I honestly don't know what came first. I developed extreme fatigue and started blacking out around the same time.

    I've read that they suspect that both dysautonomia and CFS are autoimmune in nature, maybe they trigger eachother.

    I'm on Toprol XL to help with the tacchycardia but I still have real problems with blacking out, dizziness, fatigue. Honestly, I've had very little improvement.

    I also have Mitral valve prolapse but don't know what role that plays in all of this.