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  1. Marlene35

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    How many of you think that you have Dysautonomia? I have never had any specific tests but it seems like I am getting more and more of the symptoms. The ones that are the most difficult right now are: Blacking out when standing; Weakness; Trembling; Fatigue; Short of Breath (air hunger); Bloating after meals; excessive urination; insomnia; anxiety; Low blood pressure.

    Do any of you know what type of doctor I should see to get help with this? Or do you have any suggestions for supplements, etc. that might help?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    I'm so very sorry you are feeling so badly. I have never heard of this illness before. My first thought based on the large variation of your symptoms was that it's neurological in nature. The brain controls so many of our functions. Personally, if I had your symptoms, I would call a neurologist based on the blacking out, shortness of breath, trembling, and low blood pressure. The other symptoms concern me also, but the ones I listed are most concerning and need urgent, immediate attention. The blacking out can be due to very low blood pressure and many other things, which is why you are smart to get to a doctor.

    If you black out again, honestly, I don't want to scare you, but I would probably want you to go to an ER. Do you have someone with you who can take you if that happens? I just want you to get the help you need.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dysautonomia This is info from wikipedia. It's very basic but it does suggest symptoms that are neurological in nature. You also don't know for certain if this is your diagnosis or if other things are going on. Definitely schedule an appt. with a neurologist before starting supplements. There's nothing wrong with them at all and they can do lots of good, but blacking out is very serious and you need to find out why it's happening before changing anything up in your daily routine. You don't want to risk making anything worse either. Hope this helps and I'm thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts for a good outcome. Keep us posted.



  3. redhummingbird

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    I saw a cardiologist who did a tilt table test. From that I was diagnosed with POTS and put on medication. The medication has helped.

    There are some doctors that specialize in diagnosing and treating dysautonomia but there are only a few of them.

    A good website can be found by googling dysautonomia. One of the sites has a list of MD's.

  4. Marlene35

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    I will check out the different sites and see if I can find anything regarding a doctor for this. I have had these symptoms off and on for quite a while, however, the blackng out is much worse now. I saw and heart doctor about a year ago and he did testing and did not find a problem. Also, have seen a doctor regarding the breathing and he did not find a problem. That is why I believe that these symptoms are Dysautonomia, that is where the autonomic nervous system is malfunctioning. I appreciate your help. Thank you.

  5. zenouchy

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    I'm happy to help! A cardiologist is a great idea too, but don't see the same one of course because it doesn't sound like he helped you. You obviously have many symptoms that need attention. If it were me, I would probably call either specialty mentioned (neurology or cardiology) and tell them the symptoms and let them help you determine if they are the right specialty. Don't try to figure it out all on your own; you've got some complex things going on, and that's what they're there for.

    Be sure to get help sooner rather than later. We don't want you blacking out again, my friend!

    All the best,

  6. zenouchy

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    I was just thinking that you many benefit from seeing both a neurologist AND a cardiologist. You may have more than one thing going on. I guess what I'm wanting to say is that doctors tell me not to rely too much on internet sites for medical information because it's very basic. When we have complex health problems, those internet sites can often confuse more than help. Keep us posted, and I hope you find answers very soon.

    All the best, Erika
  7. Marlene35

    Marlene35 New Member

    I appreciate all of the information that you gave to me. Willl look into these things. I need to find a doctor here and have heard that there is a good one. Marlene

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