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  1. Kathleen12

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    This is funny. While glancing through some of these thread titles, I sometimes misread them...ie, the thread by Mustlovedogs ttitled "Need all your wise advice", I keep reading it as "not all advice is wise", LOL...

    There are many other posts that I misread and it amuses me at times.
  2. poets

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    I used to be the best reader in my class. Always could read fast and comprehend well. Until I came down with FM. Now I'm struggling with dyslexia too. It gets aggravating sometimes. I guess I'll always have problems with it now.

  3. Rafiki

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    because I do this all the time! I often burst out laughing when reading the titles because I misread them so completely. But, I can never remember what it was that I misread long enough to do so!

    Fingers crossed for you, Kathleen!
  4. Kathleen12

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    When I was in the first grade, I was severly dyslexic. I wrote everything backwards and it had to be read by a mirror. Somehow, I overcame that but still have trouble with numbers and sentences.

    I, too, can't always remember the thread titles that I misread, but this one I remembered because it was so opposite what the true thread was! Though it is true that all advice is not wise! LOL

    Poets...After I came out of my original dyslexic stage, I also was the best reader in class. Now though, I find it hard to read the ABCs!
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  5. mrdad

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    Our San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsum, is Dyslexic and highly

    accomplished. He addressed a class of students with the

    same disorder as an example of how it need not be a limiting

    factor in one's life. His presence was an inspiration to

    them all!

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    Just an hour ago I had to rereal a headline that seemed to say "Dangerous Tomato strikes Oklahoma" Cheers

    rereal? I meant reread. sigh Hunnh, "to rereal it" might have some potential.

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  7. 4everkid

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    Kathleen, when my son was in first grade he also had this problem. His teacher told me it is real common at that age to write things backwards, because the young mind hasn't learned yet to view things from left to right yet. Kids usually outgrow that. (Well, except the actual dyslexic ones.)My son got over it in a year or so.

    I have always had a problem with reversing numbers when I copied them. Not so much anymore, because I am always careful now.

    But over the past 8 years, I have become gradually more and more "dyslexic" (for lack of a better term) in my typing, even if I go slow and look at the keyboard. Not really backwards, but I jump ahead a letter, then back, then skip ahead, then back, etc. Thankfully, my Firefox browser has a built in spell checker that points out my mistakes as I go.

    It irritates me because I am a good speller! I think my fingers are possessed by someone who's not.