Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by HeavenlyRN, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. HeavenlyRN

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    Does anyone have an idea how we can exchange e-mail addresses without being naughty here on the board?
  2. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Yeah, I finally figured out the chat room thing. But, seems like whenever I go there......I'm the only one there! Oh well, I'll keep trying.

    Thank you for the good wishes. I wish I could take the computer with me to the hospital but I'd be afraid it might sprout legs and walk! Oh well, I'm sure the DH will keep everyone apprised. He likes this board. Of course he's been listening to me talk about it and now when he sees me on the computer he says, "Anything new on the board?!!"

  3. JimB51

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    I must confess .. I was a bit naughty once. Just a little bit. (Ha)
    A year ago I wanted to send a message to someone on chit chat who knew I was trustworthy, so I just posted
    "Hey ......" (I wont use the person's real name here).
    I said " I want to send you a message but don't have your E-address. Hmmm.
    Then I signed my name and added "by the way ... I use yahoo".
    (not too obvious huh? LOL ).
    (Technically I wasn't giving an email address or website so ... thought I'd give it a try).
    I received an email from that person the same day and promptly deleted my post.
    No one complained.
    So ....... : )