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    Read something about the hugh amount of emails government sites are getting that the policy is starting to change. They simply are not being looked at especially if they all are the same but from different people. We may want to rething the email thing and switch to the old fashioned stamp. Think about how many emails you disregard every day in your own account.
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    I think you have a good idea. I know that emails so often just get deleted. A letter, on the other hand, usually gets read by someone!
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    Since Jelly and the Other Member's did so much work on this "Mission", why not Print them out, and send them by Snail Mail too. Cover all bases, send some to the Local T.V. Stations, and Newspaper's, I was thinking that just using them in the E-mails, was using all that Good Energy at half mast. Sorry if I'm steppingon Toe's, dont mean to be, just the old PR mind at work again, felt kind of good actually. ;o}

    I know that Printing them out would be a big job also, but maybe one of the Problem sovler's here can figure that out. I'm not to smart about sending out Forwards and Cut and Pasting and such, but thought maybe if the Post's were split up or made available on another board, they could be added to, and Printed out by New Members also, just so that it's kept to a Bio-Post, that would be real Handy to have,

    Jelly what do you think? Can that be done?
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    I copied the biographies into MSWord, it is 73 pages even after expanded the margins (79 pages at first), might be hard to get someone to look at 73 pages with over 36,000 words. A one page introduction with explanation and statistics and then maybe 1 to 2 pages of sample bios might get read, with an offer of forwarding the "rest of the stories" if desired.