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  1. freida

    freida Active Member

    Would people tell me what they like and dislike, about different types of e-readers, Please!

    Which do you prefer and why. Which helps the eyes most, and why.

    WOuld love any advice or input, info or opinions.
    Differing favorites and opinions are fine.

    I'd like to buy one, but know VERY little about them.

    I am able to basicly operate a recently borrowed one, which is a Nook.

    Though I don't know how one would add or select any other books for it. Or for the other types.

    I have not ever seen any other type. I know nothing about any other type and little about this one.

    Don't understand the differences, or how to get more books or how to select them, on any of the different type e-readers.

    I had no interest in them, before now, since I had so much trouble with reading,
    due to eyes and neuro problems,
    I assumed I couldn't use them much.

    But someone's post on the fibro/cfs board about them,
    made me realize I might be able to get some use and enjoyment, out of one.

    It noted that you could enlarge the print, etc,
    Which is essential for any I would get,

    and how relaxing and enjoyable it is,
    so I told huz, who borrowed one, and I like it enough to be glad to use it, even for short spells.

    Thanks for any input you can give me.

    I posted on the fibro board about this, too,
    so you can just answer either one, and I will look at both posts.

    Thank you!!

    Leah Freida

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  2. maddie2013

    maddie2013 Guest

    I considered one myself, but i wouldnt buy one now as i can get headaches from screens that are similar ie mobile phones, televsions, laptop. I am looking to buy anti glare screens for these devices though. If that works i'll consider buying one, for now i stick with books.

    With regards

  3. stick2013

    stick2013 Member

    Goes to the IPad. Yes, the IPad. You can use it as an e- reader also, by downloading the app IBooks, or the kindle app.

    The iPad is user friendly, versatile, and it can be used instead of a computer or laptop. It's also very portable.

    Love mine....other than that, I would most likely go with the kindle paper white.
  4. freida

    freida Active Member

    (Madeline, I wrote something to you in this AND in a later post, on this thread.)


    Thank you, BOTH of you, for the replies and ideas!

    Thanks, Madeline, I'm sorry about the problem you have,
    and I thought I would have that too, and maybe do,
    but I can read for short times on it, this one we borrowed.
    This one has NO light, and is actually easier to read than the lighted one, since the contrast is better and soothing background.

    Thanks to the other poster,
    about the Ipad, that is very interesting.
    I would not have thought of that, so I'm glad I asked.
    Now I will think about that too.

    I've heard of the kindle paper white, but can't remember what I heard.

    Thanks, so much! :)

    Leah Freida

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  5. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    hi - I'm wanting to buy an e-reader soon too. So many books have print too small for me now, and our books have been damaged by mold from the northeast hurricane/floods. My husband and I are going through a long process of throwing away books, but thankfully able to save many also.

    But no more buying books for me. Our new library is very, very small also. Today I started reading customer reviews of the Kindle Fire which has a larger screen. 7" I think. But it has video, keyboard, audio, games, etc. I would like one just for reading but with a large enough screen.

    My husband just started using a basic Kindle one, and it works very well for him. But I read so quickly that the screen is too small for me.

    I'll be very interested to see people's experiences also. I hope that you find one just right for you, and can get lost in stories! I've always brought home bags of books from the library of whatever town I was living in. Love reading and exploring in so many areas.

  6. freida

    freida Active Member

    Judy, so nice to see your friendly reply, also! :)

    I am sorry you were so effected by the terrible storm! :(

    But glad you and your huz are recuping some things.

    I have a borrowed basic nook reader, which is probably similar to the basic kindle your huz is using.

    You are right, it would be nice if the screen were a little larger,
    but I too, don't need/want the bulk or the other features of keyboard, etc.
    Just more space for more words per page, without making the letters too small for my vision.

    For you, check out all the info people gave me, on my same topic, on the fibro/cfs board, Judy.

    ANd thanks for your sharing!!

    I understand totally , reasons for staying with books (I love books too, but having trouble with them...)

    I just wanted to tell you,
    that the nook without any light in it,
    (and there is a basic kindle with no light, also)
    so they have no glare,
    and the contrast is very good.

    I read it is better than a lighted screen with an anti-glare screen, because the glare screen makes a bit less contrast, the black letters do not stand out as much against the white background, for easier vision.
    The background is slightly greyed from the anti-glare screens, is what I read.

    So I am glare sensitive too, so I will choose one of the e-readers without any builtin light at all.

    I thought madeline,
    and anyone else,
    MIGHT find that important info to know,
    as I sure do.

    Since I would need the anti-glare screen, but I also have vision problems,
    so I need the contrast. Much easier on both my eyes and my neuro condition.

    Thanks, all, and hope this helps others, too!

    Leah Freida
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  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I answered you on the Lounge thread. I hadn't seen this one. BTW, you can enlarge the type on the readers so that you can have large type if you need it. I love that feature.

    Tablets are, generally, more expensive and the iPad is the most expensive of all. They are very nice but, unless you intend to use all the features, I'd stick with an e-reader. There are a lot of good tablets which are less expensive and would serve your basic needs. If you want something larger, a tablet might be better for you. I didn't opt for the larger Kindle Fire as I like having something smaller to hold.

    Computers, smart phones, tablets and e-readers all have overlapping features. It can drive a person nuts. Even on the earliest Kindles, one can get online and read e-mails, etc. I've never used mine for that. I only use it to read or play games.

    Hope all these answers help you to decide. There are no wrong decisions when choosing. It's just a matter of deciding what addresses your needs. Ask around--someone may have an older model and be willing to sell it cheaply or even give it to you.

    Love, Mikie
  8. freida

    freida Active Member

    Thanks to Mikie, for all of your input too,

    and to each of you who has responded.

    I'm starting to get more understanding of the options, and to narrow it down.

    What got me most interested,
    is that I can enlarge the print,
    ANd even the space between the lines,
    and change the font,

    so it is much easier for me to read than most books, anymore.

    I like the ones with no light, no possible glare.

    I don't need it to do all the things a computer does.

    Thanks for helping me figure out this list of new options!!

    Leah Freida

    OH, JUDY, the nook is the other most popular, besides the kindles,

    the little basic nook is same size about, as that little kindle you talked about,

    but the larger screens have some but not all, of the functions that tablet computers do.

    I thought this info might help you too.[This Message was Edited on 03/26/2013]
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    If you don't want a lighted screen, the basic Kindle or Kindle touch would probably be your best bet. I am prejudiced toward the Kindle over the Nook simply because I own a Kindle. I find Amazon especially user friendly once the account is set up. I can find an e-book and buy it with one click. It is sent to my Kindle by wi-fi within one minute.

    I also like the Cloud (just a fancy word for Amazon's big server computer). Once I finish a book, I can just store it in the Cloud and it's off my Kindle. Whenever I want, I can check the Cloud and put a book back on the Kindle if I want to reread it. Books can be stored in groups, like romance, thrillers, nonfiction, etc. This would be good for someone who has a lot of books. Where I live, e-books can be borrowed for free from the library. I've done that but one only has two weeks to finish the book, not enough time for big books for someone who falls asleep reading.

    Good luck to you, and everyone else, deciding which device to buy.

    Love, Mikie
  10. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Mikie - my big concern is the LED screen on the Kindle Fire. For reading, does the screen change - as in getting lighter or darker, or changing colors as my laptop screen does? As the user moves it. I toss and turn a lot when I'm reading - need a stable page.

    A simple Kindle reader would be perfect for me, if they made them in 7". Since I can't read on the 6" - can't concentrate. Thank you for any info. on your Kindle Fire screen LED.

    Leah Freida - I wrote down everything I could learn from my husband's Kindle, 6" 'Touch'. He loves it! I will be back later with more details. It's good we have the options of e-readers. Is the Nook comfortable to you to read?

  11. freida

    freida Active Member

    Hello, Judy,
    and everyone else!

    I always like to see people's follow-up's, after they post asking for advise, like I did,
    so I thought that perhaps some of you would like my update.

    I did read and value every post each of you wrote,
    honestly I did!

    And I can't beleive how MUCH I have learned in the past week about e-readers,
    and a lot of it from your posts,
    which I am very very appreciative for!

    I may very well want one of the other devices, that you have suggested,
    and can buy them sometime in the future, if I want to,

    but for now, my huz leaned heavily to the Nook,

    and it met my requirements,
    so I "let him buy me one." LOL

    I had decided to go first, with the simplest Nook OR Kindle, and with one without ANY light, so I could use it when my eyes hurt or migraine, etc, when I want NO glare.

    And also because the anti-glare screens on the lighted ones,
    cause a bit less contrast, and my vision needs the contrast.
    Contrast without light, is best for me personally to see.

    I decided I really am not looking for a mini-computer right now, do not need it to do any other wonderful things , that many of you enjoy on yours.

    So this is a good way for me to get my feet wet,

    and start learning how to get it set up, and how to borrow and buy books with/for it.

    OH< huz also found many sites that I can get free ebooks, or buy e-books that are on the system that Nook uses, so I am not limited to only B & N, and to the lending library.

    Some of those sources he found, did not have books for Kindle, some had books for Kindle Frie but not the simpler Kindle which I want, with no light, no possible glare, and high contrast letters on white pages.

    You can put e-books into a search engine, and find many options for sources for ebooks, and look to see which have available formats for Kindle or Nook or others.

    I would like it if the screen were larger, Judy,
    but all of the larger screen ones, have added features I don't want or need right now,
    and all of them are lighted,

    so I can read okay on this small size.

    Would have preferred what you are looking for, but did not find anything like that.

    I'm very glad for every bit of info yu each told me,
    so I could learn about all of the e-readers and options,
    even those I didn't choose this time,
    but I know about tnow,
    so if I want a change later on, I understand the options MUCH better.

    I did think I would have more books to choose from with a Kindle than a Nook,
    untill I saw some other places to get things, and many include the Nook system,
    anything in ePub, or Adobe Digital System (ADS)
    goes into the Nook.

    So I just want to start with the simplest and unlighted one, either Nook or Kindle,
    and am happy to try this one for my starter.

    I still very much benefitted from all of you telling me what is great about your other devices!

    And all of the input and sharing!

    thanks, and happy reading to all of you.

    I'd like to hear what others find and decide too!

    Leah Freida
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  12. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    So happy, Leah Freida, that you made your decision, and will be getting your e-reader.

    It sounds like a good choice - my husband's simple kindle gives such a soothing feeling - the screen which is light gray background, no bombardment of excess light, nothing flashing or moving. Soothing and simple. Very similar to what you chose.

    We had fun in the middle of a conversation too, using the dictionary in the kindle. It was quick and easy.

    How I wish I could squeeze myself into the 6" size, but I feel like Alice in Wonderland - can't fit :)

    Maybe I'll find that I can enjoy other things on the tablet sizes. Will keep researching. If anyone can describe the LED screen to me. If it changes the page - type and image, I would deeply appreciate it.

    Meanwhile I'm using the library for awhile longer. Very fortunate that my husband picks up books for me after I choose them online.

    Hope you find many wonderful books. Have you read the Alexander McCall Smith series, "The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency"? They are excellent - funny, heartwarming, wonderful characters and sense of place. I'm re-reading the 10th book in the series now. Not really crime stories - but a great sense of beauty and love of people.

    Happy reading to you too!
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    My Kindle Fire HD has a better screen than just the Kindle Fire. The resolution is fantastic and it doesn't change colors or brightness. When I'm reading, I like the old basic Kindle just as much except when I'm in bed. With the basic Kindle, I have to have the clip-on light on it and it goes through batteries fast. Or, I have to have my lamp on and even then, it's not bright enough. That's where the KF shines. I can read in the dark with nothing else on. It took a little bit to get used to it but it's fine now.

    I think if one is just starting out, a basic Nook or Kindle is the way to go. They are inexpensive enough so that one can upgrade later. Also, if you keep both devices under the same account, you can buy a book and have it downloaded to both.

    I like being able to download apps and games on the KF. Strangely, though, I haven't had much time to use them. When I'm waiting at the doc's office, I can't concentrate on books but can play a mindless game of Angry Birds to keep me entertained.

    One drawback to the orig. Kindle is that the letters on the little keyboard are rubbing off. I don't use them much so it's no biggie. I don't like touchscreen keyboards because I can't use my fingernails; I have to use my finger pads. I keep hitting the wrong keys. Oy!

    I have never met anyone who believed he or she bought the wrong thing. I think most people are happy with whatever choice they made.

    Love, Mikie
  14. freida

    freida Active Member

    I enjoyed and learned from both of these posts,
    and Judy!

    Judy, so funny the way you worded it,
    but sorry you can't fit yourself into that screen! ;)

    Thanks for the good book suggestion. I've heard of it, and will check it out! :)

    Also fun to see your "hurray" Judy. :)

    Mikie, that is good extra info for her, and others and for me,
    I didn't know we could download to both devices, (if huz gets his own LOL )

    Nice your conclusion, that everyone is happy with whichever e-reader,
    and that you agree that for some of us, to start with the simplest is a good idea.

    Your letters wearing off? IS it an on-screen keyboard, or is it a seperate one with the raised letters?

    Also, I'd planned to use the eraser end of a pencil for the small keyboard, but I wonder is it heat-sensitive, so will I have to use my non-nimble fingers? ;)

    Let us know, Judy, what you decide for you.
    I hope you find a good match.
    I wonder how low the lights can be turned down,
    or if any of the lighted ones,
    can turn the light off totally,
    either manually or on the control board area?

    Ideas for yu, I hope.

    Good luck in your search, Judy!

    Leah Freida

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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    The original Kindles had little button keyboards with the letters in white on gray. After awhile, the white letters rubbed off. It's no biggie because it's a qwerty keyboard so I can deduce which letter it is from the ones around it.

    I haven't tried using a pencil eraser on my touchscreen Kindle but it doesn't work on my touchscreen phone.

    BTW, it's important to buy a cover for the device. Don't spend a fortune as they are available in lots of places. The screens on all of them will scratch or crack. I have a small crack on my original but it doesn't seem to cause problems.

    I bought the Kindle Fire for my DGS, he's seven, for Christmas. He doesn't like to read books but loves reading on his Kindle. He can make his own notes as he reads to help him with his book reports later. Also, he can see what others have highlighted or he can highlight sections himself. They are numbered and can be retrieved at any time. It's really helped him in school. I got the Kindle Fire so he can play games on it too. Best money I ever spent.

    Love, Mikie
  16. freida

    freida Active Member

    Thanks for the interesting and informative post, Mikie.

    Thinking of you, Judy.

    Leah Freida
  17. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Thank you for all the details - I can see you are a techie. You gave me another idea for the KF tablet - waiting in Dr's offices. Ugh. My reg doc usually has a 2 hr wait, and after the drive there, I get really antsy - have a hard time getting through.

    And am lining up even longer lab tests. I'm thinking I could play some of the games, look at my e-mail, just do things that don't take a lot of concentration. I used to read while I waited, but can't concentrate on that this year. So I think I will get a tablet - now I'll compare Kindle, Nook, and Nexus to see which I like best.

    That's lovely how your grandson finds it so helpful for school. You must have felt terrific about that. I like writing notes in my books too, so will consider that, also lightly marking off important passages.

    I mentioned to my husband about the cover also - he didn't realize it could scratch or crack. It's reassuring to have all this info, Mikie. A whole new complex technology can be daunting and feel overwhelming. I feel like it's possible now to make a good choice - will just take a while to be certain.

    Leah Freida - hope you are enjoying your Nook. I copied down your info. as well as Mikie's. Going to look at all the Nooks - see what they have. Also helpful to know about extra books from epub and ADS.

    Even getting familiar with the names and language is a help.

    Oh and the Cloud storage that Mikie mentioned also.

    Thanks so much to both of you!

  18. freida

    freida Active Member

    Judy, it's nice to read your entire post.

    I also want to clarify that nook uses epub, kindles use some other file system name, i cannot remember if it is just called kindle or some other name.

    But places that sell or give books for e-readers
    specify which devices each book can be gotten in, for the kindle OR the nook OR both, or for the kindle fire hd.

    Hope it helps.

    Yes, this entire string has helped me to learn some of the language and features too.
    When I began, I was overwhelmed, but now I'm gradually learning a lot, which makes it easier to take on this new step.

    Glad you are moving along in your decision, and glad you told us about it! :)

    I actually CAN read more, on my nook, :)
    without getting so sick,
    than I could with print books or newspapers or magazines,

    since I can enlarge the letters, change the font,
    and make more space between the lines.

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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    If anything I posted has been helpful. Nooks and Kindles are the two main readers but all the tablets will allow e-books too. Again, I have never met anyone who wasn't satisfied with his or her choice.

    If you plan to read your e-mail or get online, you will have to be in a wi-fi hot spot. Some doctors' offices have them for their patients. My car dealership has one to use while waiting for one's car. Even the Publix supermarket where I shop has one because they have e-coupons. You just click on the coupons you wish to use and if you buy the products, the cash register automatically takes off the coupon price. No clipping, no paperwork for the cashier.

    We are moving into a wonderful world of convenience. So many people are intimidated by the technology but it can be conquered, at least, enough to make life much easier and more interesting. I always love seeing older people using their tablets, notebooks and smart phones. It's never too late to learn new tricks and it helps keep the brain working. Not that we're old--just an example :)

    Love, Mikie
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    If you use a public wi-fi hot spot, be careful what you do. A hacker can easily get into your device and, probably, using that info, into your home computer. The rule of thumb is not to go to any site where you have to use a password.

    Love, Mikie