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    GB66, gosh, I had not thought I was the slightest bit interested in e-readers,

    but after reading what you (GB66) wrote, on this board, on a thread here about dealing with despair,and ideas for how to cope with illness and discouragement and isolation,

    your particular suggestions and reasons regarding an e-reader, got me to consider it.

    You said that you had not been able to read,
    due to your eye problems,
    and your huz couldn't read also, for other reasons,

    but that bot of you could read a lot more, with the e-reader,
    since you could enlarge the print, etc, etc.

    And that it was relaxing, gave you something to get interested in, and even look forward to, etc.

    SO for the first time, I considered it.

    I'd ignored all other prior posts about them, since I have eye problems, brain problems, etc...and could not read much any more, plus just not interested in gadgets much, either.

    BUT, I thought about what you wrote,
    both about it being easier to read with the e-reader,
    and why it helped you cope with difficulties,
    and I told my huz about it,
    and he borrowed one,

    and I like it enough, can read a bit better with it, and am VERY appreciative, to you GB, for helping me to find ANY other thing I CAN do,
    even for 1/2 hour, sometimes.

    So, GB66, Thank YOU!!!

    AND, now,

    ******Would people tell me what they like and dislike, about different types of e-readers, Please!

    Which do you prefer and why. Which helps the eyes most, and why.

    WOuld love any advice or input or opinions, different ones are fine.

    I'd like to buy one, but know little about them.

    I am able to basicly operate this borrowed one, which is a Nook.

    I have not ever seen any other type. I know nothing about any other type and little about this one.

    Don't understand the differences, or how to get more books or how to select them, on any of the different type e-readers.

    Thanks to any who respond!

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    I'm so happy that you are enjoying the e-reader. I absolutely love mine. I read every day now. I just downloaded the Bible last night so I could read some every day. I haven't been able to even read my larger print one lately.

    I love to read mysteries. My oldest daughter got one for Christmas and now she reads every night in bed. It helps her go to sleep. It gives us something to talk about now too. Being ill, I don't have much to say usually because I don't have a life. lol

    We tried out several different kinds and found the Kindles to be what we liked best but the Nook is also very good. It's just a matter of what you find comfortable. They work a lot alike. If you can go out to a store that sells them, you can try them out.

    They're easy to learn, it just takes a little practice. I order books all the time and get some great bargains online. It's easy to order, they tell you how. Prices are less than regular books.

    The more basic ones are best for me, the ones with e-ink and not LCD screens. Read about them online.

    Kindle has one with an adjustable light for reading in dark or light rooms but the light is too bright for me even on lower setting because of my photosenstivity. Mine has no extra lights. Others love it though. You might too.

    If you have any more questions, ask away. I'm sure others on here can give more ideas.

    Let me know how it goes. GB66

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    I'm glad to see that you saw my post, today.
    I truly wanted to thank you! :)

    And for you to know that your post had helped me.

    Thanks for this post, too. It gives me more to think about too,
    plus is nice to be friendly, too.

    This book has Dream a Little Dream, on it, a book I never heard of, that I started reading.

    It's a fun light fiction, whimsical fantasy story, with some silliness. Great for distraction for me. Gets my mind off of heavy worries, and gives me breaks from difficult focuses!

    I'm talking to you about it, since I don't have someone else like your daughter, to talk with. LOL

    I sure know what you mean, I'm afraid to talk to anyone since I don't have any normal activities to talk about.

    I can't go to the store to look at options or try things out.

    I looked at a magazine, and I look online and get very confused,

    so I thought I'd ask people here,
    and get more practical comments, like yours. :)

    Thank yu, again, and anyone else, who shares their ideas with me too.

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    I'm glad you're enjoying your book. Go online to Nook and Kindle and read about all the different ones and what the differences are. They have videos on there to watch.

    We researched for many, many hours (days). Then, we ordered a couple of them, tried them out for a week or so and made our decisions. .

    It takes some practice but you will get it down soon. Then, it's just routine to order. You can order books online or direct from you e-reader. Good reading! GB66
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    Thanks for more info., GB! :)

    I really am a bit overwhelmed, feeling like I need to figure out,
    which type of e-reader,
    will give me access to the books I might want,
    and how to access them from the different types,
    so I can compare and decide which is the best match for me.

    Whew, that's a lot for my struggling mind, to try to learn about.

    I am sure you are right that it will be simple, AFTER I learn it! ;)

    I appreciate all of your advice,
    and your encouragement, GB!! :)

    And anyone else who would like to give me your ideas too!
    About which e-readers have which advantages or disadvantages,
    and how to access books for each.

    I really need and like, that I can increase the size of print, so much,
    and space between lines,
    and change fonts,

    and I also like that I can see some suggested books, with descriptions.

    I imagine all of them have those features, as you said they have a lot of similarities.

    I will try to look at the websites, and see what I can glean from them.
    I had tried before posting, and got easily confused.

    But maybe now have a bit more info and have at least been able to see and try this borrowed nook.

    Thanks again!

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    Hi Leah - I just saw this post. One of my kids gave me a kindle about 2 years ago. I use it as well as reading "real" books. I can't afford to buy books each time I want to read one, but I can borrow library books on my kindle, plus there is a free classics library available on Amazon.

    Mine is a just a basic kindle, price $69 with ads, and $89 without ads I think. I don't have ads. I can adjust font size, although not the lighting. It works great and if I have to go somewhere (e.g. doctor's office) where there will be a wait, it's easy to throw in my purse.

    I know there are kindle covers now that have lights built in. There is also something called "paper white" I think for a brighter screen, but I read the reviews on that one (am looking for a gift for someone) and there were too many problems I saw.

    Some kindles have a physical keyboard at the bottom, but mine has a virtual one I guess you would call it. you press a button and the keyboard appears. It's a little awkward to use, but I don't have to use it much so it's no big deal. My son, who has a kindle with the physical keyboard (like a querty keyboard on a cell phone), actually likes my kindle better because it is smaller and lighter, and I rarely have to use the virtual keyboard anyways.

    I believe that Amazon which makes the kindle has the largest selection of books available, so it might have that advantage over the nook. I know the nook has gotten very good reviews too though.

    If you buy a kindle, make sure you also buy something called a Kindle power adapter - you'll see it on the website - I think this should be included as part of the kindle package but it's not. The kindle comes with a USB cord, but to charge it in a wall outlet, you need this plug adapter. It's $20 (overpriced!) but you need it.

    The kindle charges pretty quickly and holds a charge fairly long too.

    Good luck! and have fun with it. I never thought I would want one either, until my son prodded me a bit and told me that so many library books are now available on kindle (you download them directly from the library which connects to Amazon - you don't have to leave the house to get them) - amazing stuff :)

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    Thanks so much for all of that time and energy, to help me with this, mary!

    I read it and tried to understand it,
    I'll have to re-read it a few times, another day, to understand more of what you wrote. I don't know why I am so confused by how to get books for these, etc.

    I guess I do know. My brain is slow at taking in info and figuring it out, at this point, but it can do it, eventually, and it will. ;)

    Thanks so very much though.

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    Probably all the stuff I wrote about keyboards was confusing. If you go to Amazon and search for "Kindle keyboard", you'll see a kindle that has a keyboard on the bottom. You can see the keyboard.

    Then if you do a search for "kindle 6" ", you'll see a kindle without a keyboard on the bottom. It's smaller. To access the Keyboard on the 6" one (which is what I have), you just press a button and it appears on the screen. And you work with it that way.

    So the 6" kindle is smaller and lighter than the other one (also cheaper).
    The books get downloaded either through a wireless connection or through a USB cord. Don't worry about that part of it, you can get someone to help you with that. One of my kids helped me with the wireless set up. But if you don't have wireless, again, you can use a USB cord that plugs into the Kindle and your computer.

    I hope that clarifies things!

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    There's only so much you can absorb by reading about them. You really will learn to operate it quickly after you get one.

    I like the Kindle also. My husband and daughter have the paper white with light, but, as I mentioned before it's too bright for my eyes.

    Some of them operate with a touch system for turning the pages, some have a button to push. You do need to have WIFI connection to download books but you probably already have that on your computer. I can't explain it (lol) but your husband will know.

    The one Mary has is a good choice. I don't think it has the "touch" for turning pages, just the button. Mine has touch, but they don't make it anymore. It's the one they replaced with the paper white. The keyboard one is a little bigger and heavier.

    I think you may have more book choices with Kindle. I know we're happy with it. A lot of books are free or under $3.00. The average for the mysteries I read is about $7.00. GB66
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    the more I love it! At first I thought it was just a nice toy my husband got me for Christmas. Then I started to see what it could do. If my eyes are tired, it reads TO me! I can send email, and all my music is on it. It gets Netflix, games, video is, I can shop, keep a calendar, read newspapers from any country, I'D birds, learn a language and just dozens of things! Amazon Prime lets me borrow books, gives me free shipping and watch videos for one yearly price. I hooked up a router to my computer (easy) and I can take it to any room in the house. WiFi is pretty easy to find. You CAN hook it up to your cell phone account but it costs megabucks and unless you travel a lot or don't have WiFi it's really easier to just go with a router. Cheaper too. What it is NOT is a phone or a full blown computer. But it does everything you could want and my little "toy" is my new best friend!
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    That's a lot of good info from each of you,
    and I do appreciate it very much!!

    I am slowly re-reading each post,
    and gradually understanding more.

    I'm wondering about which would give me access to more books,
    and a greater variety of types of books,
    the nook or the kindles,

    and I am wondering if they all have a way for me to look for a book of interest to me,
    when I don't have any specific author or title in mind.
    I need to be able to look through possibilities, like I would if I could go to a bookstore or library,
    just roam the shelves, till I find one I like.

    Do the e-readers have differing ways to do that?
    Do they all have a way to do that??

    I'm not as confused about how to hook it up to something, wireless or the computer.
    And I'm not as confused about actual following steps to order something.

    But I still feel very confused about how to compare the nook and the kindles.

    If I have a nook, will I have to buy all the books, and only the books, from B & N?

    If I have a kindle, do I have the choice of buying or borrowing?
    And is it only from one source or from any of multiple places?

    Borrowing is nice, except if I feel too pressured to finish a book on time.

    I already decided I don't need/want the lighted screen,
    since the nook we borrowed doesn't have one,
    and it is bright enough for me,
    and nice that there's no worry of glare problem for my eyes.
    And not having an anti-glre screen, means that the contrast is better,
    so the black letters show up well on the white background,
    which I read is greyer if it has a light and then a glare screen.

    One decision down, many to go! LOL

    Thanks for all of your past and future advices!!!!!!

    Stacey's sounds bigger and heavier/ is it?

    And how do you learn a language on it? By the way you do on a computer, buying an app, or some other way?

    I will probably end up chosing a simplest nook or kindle, for the time being.
    Maybe try something else later on,
    but I am not decided!

    Thanks again, I appreciate others time and energy, helping me sort out this confusion, which seems very overwhelming to me. I almost gave up on the idea,
    but will keep trying to slowly sort it out, somehow.

    With your help! :)

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    Hi Leah

    Just wanted to say do not get the Kobo. Terrible book choices & prices are high besides problems with function,customer service.

    Nexus is rated high. Sign up for Bookbub they will send you free & discounted books. I liked them on facebook. Everyday I get an email for what books interest me.

    Kindle & Nook let you download thier books on either. You can also download an app for any book. Libraries have ebooks now also.
  13. gb66

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    One thing to decide is do you want one just for reading (that's what we have) or do you want one that has all the other options, like the Kindle Fire.

    Kindle Fire is more expensive also. The screen is probably brighter since, I think, it's an LCD. I know mine has what they call e-ink and it's made just for easy reading.

    You can go online to the Kindle Store and download a sample of most any book, it's a few chapters, so you get an idea if you like the book. Then you can decide if you want to buy it. If you still don't like the book after you've read a little you can return it for a full refund.

    I don't know about Nook. Have fun!

    P.S. Nook is Barnes and Noble. Their website was slow on my computer. Kindle is Amazon, never had a problem. They are good to do business with, very helpful. GB66
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  14. mbofov

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    I believe if you buy a kindle, you have to get your books from Amazon (or the library which has kindle books).

    And if you buy a nook, you get your books from Barnes & Noble (or borrow from the library).

    When you go to borrow an e-book from the library, the catalog will tell you what format the book is available in. Not all of them are in kindle format, or nook format, etc.

    I'm in Los Angeles County and the books I borrow on my kindle have a 3-week lending period. However, if I haven't finished a book in 3 weeks, it doesn't disappear. As long as I don't turn on the wifi feature of the kindle, the book will stay on my kindle. I generally turn the wifi feature off after borrowing a book as it uses more battery to keep it on.

    I've read that Amazon has a greater selection of books than B & N.

    You can browse for books in the kindle store on your kindle, but I've never used this feature. But - I often go to Amazon.com on my computer and browse their books. I'll find an author I like and they'll suggest similar books by other authors. Or you can look by category (e.g., mystery, history, etc.) So I do all my browsing on Amazon before buying or borrowing. I also read readers' reviews on Amazon.

    You can't download apps to a basic kindle. All it is is an e-reader and can't do anything else. I think the kindle fire is the one where you can download apps, it I think it's the equivalent of a tablet. And if you are going to get a tablet, then you might consider other tablets than the kindle fire.

    Hang in there, you'll get it! We are being dragged kicking and screaming into the digital age ... I think of my grandkids who probably don't even know what regular phone looks like ....

  15. freida

    freida Active Member

    Thanks so much, these are terrific and very helpful replies!!
    i am understanding a bit more at a time!

    I am unable to respond much, right now, struggling badly,
    but stopped in,
    and so appreciative of each of you!!

    it makes me feel a bit better,even just that you people are responding and trying to help me.
    since i now am having a very difficult week.

  16. Saoirse3

    Saoirse3 Member

    of books and you can browse by subject, author or whatever. It also lets you try a sample of the book without obligation. Plus the classics are free! NOT heavy! You can adjust for brightness, enlarge the print and switch fonts. And the apps are Android so all my machines are synchronised. I'd still go with the Kindle over the Nook. Got my granddaughter a Nook and she uses my Kindlle!
  17. freida

    freida Active Member

    GB66, Mary, Stacey, and 3gs....

    All of your posts are very helpful.

    The more I read them,
    the more I am understanding them,
    and finding them helpful to narrow down the choices,
    and see some differences,
    and comprehend more answers to my questions.

    Thank YOU!!!!!

    Samples, that's important to look for.

    Also, my library only lends for 7-14 days for e-books.

    Sometimes I am slow and don't like the pressure.

    I wonder if I could get a library card from some other State, (for a fee) and download borrowed e-books from them, to get a longer time till due back.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks again, to each one of you!

  18. mbofov

    mbofov Member

    Hi Leah - I'd suggest you just contact different libraries with your questions. I'm in the Los Angeles County system, which has a large library of books, naturlich! As far as I know, their longest checkout period is 3 weeks for e-books. When the menu for ebooks first pops up, it looks like you only get 2 weeks, but then you click on something, and suddenly you have the option of 21 days, so its not readily apparent when you first go on the website.

    If you want to contact them, go to

    Good luck!

  19. freida

    freida Active Member

    Thanks, Mary!

    I will investigate whether or not,
    I could connect with your or some other state's library lending system for e-books.

    Like I said, I would not mind paying a fee for that.
    I like to support libraries !

    Thanks again, to everyone!

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    I always like to see people's follow-up's, after they post asking for advise, like I did,
    so I perhaps some of you would like my update.

    I did read (and re-read a few times!)
    and value every post each of you wrote,
    honestly I did!

    And I can't beleive how MUCH I have learned in the past week about e-readers,
    and a lot of it from your posts,
    which I am very very appreciative for!

    I may very well want one of the other devices, that you have suggested,
    and can buy them sometime in the future, if I want to,

    but for now, my huz leaned heavily to the Nook,

    and it met my requirements,
    so I "let him buy me one." LOL

    I had decided to go first, with the simplest Nook OR Kindle, and with one without ANY light, so I could use it when my eyes hurt or migraine, etc, when I want NO glare.

    And also because the anti-glare screens on the lighted ones,
    cause a bit less contrast, and my vision needs the contrast.
    Contrast without light, is best for me personally to see.

    I decided I really am not looking for a mini-computer right now, do not need it to do any other wonderful things , that many of you enjoy on yours.

    So this is a good way for me to get my feet wet,

    and start learning how to get it set up, and how to borrow and buy books with/for it.

    OH< huz also found many sites that I can get free ebooks, or buy e-books that are on the system that Nook uses, so I am not limited to only B & N, and to the lending library.

    Some of those sources he found, did not have books for Kindle, some had books for Kindle Frie but not the simpler Kindle which I want, with no light, no possible glare, and high contrast letters on white pages.

    You can put e-books into a search engine, and find places other than Amazon for Kindles, and other than B & N for Nooks, just to give additional possible sources.

    I would like it if the screen were larger,
    but all of the larger screen ones, have added features I don't want or need right now,
    and all of them are lighted,

    so I can read okay on this small size.

    An dthe small size is actually easy to hold, etc.

    Would have preferred a couple inches bigger screen, but did not find anything like that without a light and added features I don't want to begin with.

    I'm very glad for every bit of info yu each told me,
    so I could learn about all of the e-readers and options,
    even those I didn't choose this time,
    but I know about now,
    so if I want a change later on, I understand the options MUCH better.

    I did think I would have more books to choose from with a Kindle than a Nook,
    untill I saw some other places to get things, and many include the Nook system,
    anything in ePub, or Adobe Digital System (ADS)
    goes into the Nook.

    So I just want to start with the simplest and unlighted one, either Nook or Kindle,
    and am happy to try this one for my starter.

    I still very much benefitted from all of you telling me what is great about your other devices!

    And all of the input and sharing!

    thanks, and happy reading to all of you.

    I'd like to hear what others,
    who are looking for one,
    find and decide too!

    Thank again!!

    Leah Fr...