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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by djreg5, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. djreg5

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    Just wondering if anyone else experiences an ear ache with relapses. Since Day 1 with CFS, when I relapse my symptoms are exhaustion and my left ear aches. I'm thinking this is a symptom that is indicative of perhaps the cause - maybe a fungus that is in my ear.
  2. EllenComstock

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    I used to have problems with ear aches (for me it was both ears). I found out that I grind my teeth at night and that was causing the pain. The problem went away once I started wearing a tooth guard at night. Or it's possible you might have an ear infection. I guess I would start out with a nose, throat and ear doctor and see what he or she says.

  3. djreg5

    djreg5 New Member

    I have been seen by an ENT as well as my family doctor. I was given countless antibiotics when first diagnosed, trying to stop the ear ache. None of them helped, of course! My family doctor said there is fluid behind the left ear drum when this happens. He gave me decongestants and pain meds. It obviously isn't a bacterial thing, so it must be viral or fungal. And since it is the only other symtom I have when I relapse other than the fatigue, I'm guessing the same thing - virus or fungus - is trigering both. I've dealt with this for 20 years, and feel quite well most of the time except for a couple of relapse each year.
  4. waxdiva

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    I have had an earache for 3 months. Went to two ENT's and one Neurologist. All are in agreement that it is caused by neuralgia (nerve problem). Anti-inflammatories are prescribed and I was also told that it will go away on its own.

    I was asked if I grind my teeth or clench my jaw or if anyone ever suggested that I have TMJ. I don't grind and don't have TMJ. I do find that I clench my jaw a lot, especially since my FM has increased, which coincidentally has worsened about six months ago.

    I hope that this helps you. I have never experienced an earache and it's horrible. I hope yours aren't too bad.


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