Ear infections?

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    I am concerned about my step-son. As of Christmas 2003, he has had ear infections for at least 12 months. He was scheduled to have tubes put in his ears summer of '04 (he is currently 6 years of age, birthday in January.)

    According to his mother (whom my soon to be husband doesn't have a whole lot of contact with- blame on both parts,) he has asthma and allergies, which is why he has had such bad problems with his ears. "It was never ear infections, rather allergies." So the doctors put him on Singular, "and since then his ears have gotten MUCH better." So much better that he doesn't have to have tubes put in his ears now. That was in August '04.

    Just 2 weeks ago he was with us and woke up saying, "My ear hurts."

    I am concerned because I don't believe Singular is doing its job, and I don't know all of it's properties so I can't dispute its abilities or lack thereof. If this child is still having ear aches, then something else needs to be done (in my eyes- but I am not his parent so I cannot do anything.)

    Most of his earaches come between September and May. So when the doc said in July that he didn't need the tubes, that was probably so because it was summer. I don't undertand these things so I don't know what kind of an effect weather has in this.

    What does anyone think about this?


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    Ear infections can be dangerous. It can affect the hearing on a long term basis. Your husband might want to have his hearing tested. Also if he has a speech problem it may be from ear infections while he was young.

    Because you hear differently when your ears have fluid in them and when your speech patterns are developing what you hear may be different that what it is suppose to sound like.

    You are right if the ear is not infected at the time the Dr. looks at it he may not want to have the surgery. Keep good records of when the infections were and how often how long they lasted etc. It's hard to do because a lot of time there is no pain involved until the fluid has been there a while. Let the Dr. know and that may influence his decision.

    Good luck.
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    SO much for your response.

    It's so funny that your response was almost EXACTLY how I felt about this child. He does in fact have speech problems, and is in speech therapy for this. However, when my soon to be husband mentioned a hearing screen, his ex did not go for it (I feel just because it was HE who suggested it.)

    Also, this child's mother doesn't take him to the doctor for follow-ups. My understanding is that when one is on ANY medication, a follow-up is always necessary to see if the medication is doing its job.

    I am aware that the fluid can be in the ear and we may not know it because there may be no pain. Again, this mother does not agree with us simply because it is us who are telling her this valuable info.

    I just looked at past records, and this child has had ear infections since an infant.

    This child's mother started taking him to see the doctor more often when a custody battle was in session- but now she has just forgotten about it altogether since the case was closed.

    Am I wrong to say the child should have tubes put in his ears because there was a past problem? Or should it be left alone if there is no current problem (though the problems are continuing to persist on and off.)