Ear pain - anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chickadee, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. chickadee

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    My right ear hurts. Doesn't look red, swollen or anything - just a really bad ear ache. Tylenol helps some but it is still there. Been going on for two weeks now. I've had this before and been the whole route with doctors - referred to an ENT doctor X-rays and scopys and they find nothing to explain why it hurts. Before, the pain has always found someplace else to go and the ear got o.k. This seems longer than it ever has before (but again, maybe not).
    I think this is another one of my weird symptoms of fibro. Does anybody else ever have this ear pain? If so, what did you do for it? Thanks,
  2. SueQ

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    Hi Chickadee , My ears hurt also, mine comes from my Atlas, the bone your skull sits on, is out of place. My Chiorpractor uses a new proceedure called Orthospinology. He uses a tool that looks like a hand drill. The adjustments are so gentle I'm not sure he has done anything. After he adjusts the Atlas my euststion tubes drain, my teeth line up again ,( I don't chew on my tongue or the inside of my jaws)my vision is better and the eye twitches stop, the pain in my ears disappears, and my balance is 90% better. Now mind you, this bone only shifts 1/16 of an inch or less and it can cause all of the above problems.If you can't find a Dr that uses Orthospinology ask around and find the Dr that uses the most gental adjustment technics. I've been to Chiorpractors that will slam you around and leave you in more pain than you started with. I hope this helps and gives you a starting point.Good luck. Hugs , Susan
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    I also have the ear pain, I had it for 2 weeks and I thought it was an ear infection so I called my doctor and he put me on antibiotics and they did not help. Then finally the pain just left on its own and then about a week later I had ear pain in my left ear for a few days.
    I think that it is just another dreadful symptom of the Fibro.
  4. IgotYou

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    I have to agree with Jutejute. I get ear pain once in awhile. I used to think I was getting ear infections, but just about the time I'd think I should go to the doctor, it would back off. I think it's just part of FM.
  5. achy

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    Went to ENt....got Cat scans....finally diag as ...dang my brain just went dead. The jaw thingy....OH yeah TMJ.

    You don';t describe what kind of pain you have...mine was deep inside the ear, also had pressure, like water in my ears. It comes and goes, but is very frustrating.
    Trigger points can also cause them.

    I'd request a CT scan...dr can't see deep inside canal...better to be safe.

    Warm fuzzies
  6. Sunshyne1027

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    Good info on the myofascial and trigger points. Never thought of that.

    I have had a on and off earache for around 3 years. So yes understand. There is no ear infection. Just pain that seems to come from the inner ear. Some days really bad. Somedays don't feel nothing. Sometimes get a buzzing noise in it also.

  7. chickadee

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    for all the replys.
    Ear hurt really bad yesterday and thought I would not be able to sleep with the pain but took my sleeping pill and slept really good last night and today I've not had any pain. That's the way this ear pain is for me. I may not have it again for six months or longer but may have it again in two days.
    Think I'll mention it to my doctor next week but really don't want to go through all the testing again for them to find nothing - again. I do feel better knowing others have had this also. Thanks again.