Ear pain or eye strain

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    Hi everyone,
    I am brand new and I'm writing for my sister Lynn. Lynn has struggled with FM for 25 years and is in a wheelchair. She was coping and managing okay until recently.
    She had problems with her hearing for years and had two hearing aids. Well, fairly recently, her ears became extremely sensitive,hyper accute ....to normal every day noises and voices. It's been terribly isolating. She can't really listen to anyone for more than 1/2 hour if that. She's been to many doctors and they are pretty certain it is FM related . She now has to take her hearing aids out and put earplugs in just to be able to function out of her house. On top of all that, she has terrible eye strain and eye fatigue. She's been to so many doctors and has tried a million different kind of glasses. She has to keep her eyes closed almost 1/2 the day and still has to find a very delicate balance if she is with anyone or watching TV. She really can't read anymore and can't do this on a chat room.
    I feel so helpless so I thought maybe I could find some help for her this way.
    Does any one have any advise/suggestions or can anyone relate to any of this?
    Thank you for listening.
    Dianne in CT
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    I hope you'll also put this on the Fibro board here to see if they have answers.

    Just as an FYI, when I get the really terrible migraines (and I am treated by a neurologist for really severe migraines and he does occipital neural blocks to help me with them), I get very accute hearing and with a migraine it's like everything is way too loud. Everything, even TV, is just too bright and too much for my eyes to look at and I need to cover them so no light gets to them. Because of these symptoms and that I get them during a migraine, and now your sister has them all the time--would a neurologist be a person to talk to?? Just a thought.