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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bttaylor, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. bttaylor

    bttaylor New Member

    I now have continual ear ringing(high pitch) due to taking too much aspirin/ibuprophen I am told. I was also not careful to take it with food but I needed something for these headaches I get plus I was taking it for the fluish symptoms I felt with CF.

    So.... how have any of you dealt with this ringing? Has anything worked to stop it? thanks. beth
  2. TerryS

    TerryS Member

    I've had ringing in my ears 24/7 (high pitch) for years now...don't know when it started.

    Anyhow, I was just diagnosed last week (via multiple tests by my ENT) with Meniere's disease.

  3. desertlass

    desertlass New Member

    I saw a thread on this a couple of months ago. Many people responded that they also had ear ringing, and some were on meds, some were not. A few of the books I have on CFS mention ear ringing as a symptom. I find that my pain medication actually helps, so it may be a nerve issue for me.

    All that being said, have you told your doctor about this? Were they the ones that told you it was the ibuprofen? I just mean that it's always a good idea to tell your doctor of any symptoms you are having, and also to have them document it in your file, in case something comes up later-- for instance if you aren't taking ibuprofen but are still having it, or if your blood pressure is okay, but you're still having it, etc. Each documented time you tell them about it helps them and you to solve the issue.

    I wish I had more to say on getting it to go away for all of us. :(

  4. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

  5. Line

    Line New Member

    I had that for years, drove me up a wall esecally at night when everything was quite. Mine started after an ear infection cleared up.I started losing a lot of hearing and went to a ENT, I had to get a aid. The ENT told me that tinnitis is caused by hearing lose, I thought the tinnitis would cause the lose.

    Still have some ringing but not nearly as bad of course now I cannot hear.

    HUgs, Linda
  6. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Tinnitis (ear ringing) can also be caused by hearing loss.

  7. bttaylor

    bttaylor New Member

    Thanks to the people who answered my question. Good reminder to always mention it to the doctor when I talk with her. And interesting about it being caused possibly by MSG and or aspartame. And now I am informed as to what Meniers Disease is. I have not heard of that but I fit the profile except for my age- I am 59. But I have some vertigo and the ringing seems to be in one ear. My current doctor at the Fibr and Fatigue clinic seems to think the ringing might go away as I continue on the treatment I am on for the fatigue so I hope she is correct.
    So I will just wait and see what happens. Beth
  8. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    It can be maddening. Hang in there
  9. lillyrose33

    lillyrose33 New Member

    Yep, me to since 2004 after a bad bought with sinus and ear infection but turned out to be Menieres. Was symptom free for 2 years and then the ringing started last June and didn't stop and has gotten worse for me.
    I am not dealing very well right now with the ringing.
    Went to ENT yesterday and have to have another ENG and a sleep study done tomorrow.
    I have tried the sound machines and it helps sometimes but when it is really high pitch nothing helps but to try to relax and take the meds. I watch my salt and caffeine and I take a water pill.
    Fibro is bad enough but with this it is so hard sometimes...I know you understand.
    I wish you the best.

  10. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    I have 2 to 3 different pitches going off in my ears 24/7. It's extremely distracting.

    Not sure how mine started and can't relate it to a specific medication. Don't think I was on any at the time. Could have been after birth of second child. I was very ill during pregnancy.

    Around 1976 I kept asking my husband at night if the crickets were driving him crazy. He said there weren't any! Then when I talked to my mom she said something about my grandad making a joke about answering the phone (his ears were ringing). That's when I figured out I had tinnitus.

    I have never found anything to help lessen the racket. But I always tell doctors not to prescribe anything that causes it. I already have a hard time hearing and had to get hearing aids when I was 45.

    Take care
  11. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Oh, yes, my ears have been ringing 24/7 for over 6 years.. Do not know the cause or cure but sure can relate with your misery..

    When my allergies or sinus acts up the ringing is so loud..

    I hate it but have found nothing that helps..

  12. lillyrose33

    lillyrose33 New Member

    Yes, that is what I ment. I was put on it for my high blood pressure it is called Hyzaar. The ENT is checking this drug out...he said he didn't know much about it.
  13. LeftCoast

    LeftCoast New Member

    I think they call it tinnitus. I have this all the time and it rarely stops. Sometimes allergies can cause it. I have just tried to tune it out for the most part. It takes practice but it actually doesn't bother me anymore even though it's still there. Good Luck.
  14. Michael_Gemini

    Michael_Gemini New Member

    so common with us, that if you don't have it i would wonder...yes, hi pitched tinnitus.

    you may also find difficulty initiating swallowing
    scintillations (pinpoint flashes of light--last only seconds, these are not floaters or cholesterol showers)

    it has seemed to have gotten better as i am in the valcyte crowd here.
  15. grace54

    grace54 New Member

    or a buzz or high pitc noise. Mine seems to go for a couple weeks then stops for 4 days for no apparent reason and then starts again. Mine is due to hearing loss-damage. It seems louder when my sinus pressure is up.

    It can be very disturbing but I guess I am getting somewhat used to it and I try to ignor it but its tough on top of everything else. When it stops it is so nice, I thank God. I have always enjoyed silence when I sleep so this really bothers me at night. So far nothing has helped it. Lets hope for spme relief for all.

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