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    Has anyone tried this or have experience with people who have? The gals in the office are talking about it so I looked it up on line to see if there was any benefit besides weight loss (as if that wasn't enough!) and found this little blurb from a website advertising someone who does it. There was a lot of information out on the web and it always overwhelms me so I am checking with you guys instead!

    "A small surgical stainless steel staple is strategically placed in the inner cartilage of each ear to target certain pressure points. These pressure points are believed to assist in weight loss, stress management, tension headaches, migraines, and smoking cessation.

    Auriculotherapy correlates every part of the ear to a certain part or parts of the body. It has been scientifically shown that different points in the ear demonstrate higher electrical energy, or conductivity, when their related organ or tissue is stressed, diseased, or unbalanced. Through treatment of such points, the brain triggers an increase in energy flow to this specific area of the body. This increase of energy to an area of distress will potentially result in improvement in the physical state of the body and the emotional aspect.

    There are many reasons to have the staple placed: migraines, stress, chronic back pain, digestive imbalances, including gastric reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. The most common reasons are for smoking cessation and weight loss. Everyone is different regarding the anatomy of their ears and may respond differently to the staple. Each person will be assessed on an individual basis and I will try to meet your specific needs regarding the ear staple."


    Choose joy!

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    Sounds like more pseudo-medicine to me.

    Otic antics for fun and profit.

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    Kinda of what I thought, too. The gals here are all healthy except one is extremely overweight. Seems like every few months they are talking about something new and one or the other has to try it.

    A while back they were doing whirlpool baths for their feet. Practitioner charged $36 per treatment and insurance (of course!!) didn't cover it. It was supposed to pull the toxins out of your body through your feet. Supposedly the water turned colors depending on what toxins you were getting rid of. One did it 10 times and insisted it was helping, but when she was done she never mentioned it again so I think it was psycho-simatic!

    Then another who had some back pain spent $7,000 to be put on a board and stretched out. First couple treatments she said she was really sore but "feeling better". When she was done she never said she was cured or even if it had helped so, psycho again!

    Besides, if they had to put a staple for each thing I need fixed I wouldn't be able to get through the metal detector at the airport!!


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