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    Hello Again,
    Here is another problem I have been having,for the last 2months I have had cold with my asthma and allegies it seems to be taking forever to kill this bug and of course I suffer migraines headaches so I have been feeling dizzy and light headed and seeing them black spots in front of eyes(HOPE YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT I MEAN) with in theses 2months like today when I clean my ears with a Q-tip there is blood on the Q-tip and its coming from inside my ear (NOT AROUND THE EAR)now it don't happen everyday but I'm starting to get scared because i don't feel right! I am always saying its the FIBRO.because out of the 50 signs of having FIBRO. I have 48 of them.....So I just chalk everything thats wrong with body its FIBRO.!Being depresssed and SO SICK OF DOCTORS I just put theses things off and don't tell any of my drs. what going on..This last year I've been so sick in the hospital "ICU" because of my rate 175 and asthma (yes i also have STD)its like test after test and they always find something else wrong and I just don't want to hear anymore its depressing.So am I the only one with this ear thing or is there someone else who has had this problem?
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    I had blood in my ear and it was from an infection which caused a perforated ear drum. No long term effects .
    I think it was allery related . Hope yours is nothing serious.
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    I haven't had ear problems with blood but sometimes my ears will pop and it feels and sounds like a train going through where I can't hear anything for a moment until it decides to stop.

    I tend to chalk everything up as being fibromyalgia too. One time when I did though I ended up in the emergency room with a fever, chills and a kidney infection. I didn't realize because i thought it was just another ache and pain.

    to be on the safe side I'd probablly check it out anyway.

    good luck to you.

  4. Shirl

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    Please go see a Ear,Nose and Throat specialist for those ears.
    My son had a badly infected ear from swimming, he did not tell me (he is an adult, or so he says!), well he listened to his wife and now he has lost half his hearing in one ear.

    Do not chalk this up to FM/CFS, go have it checked as soon as possible. It could be your throat causing the ear problem.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I do take singular,flonase and advair for my asthma but lately its not doing its job!Boy I'm glad again I am not alone I feel better! It feels so good knowing I can talk freely with you guys without getting a look "OMG THIS CHICK IS LOSING HER 1 BRAIN CELL SHE HAS LEFT"!Is this crazy having this disorder all medical problems we get with it! Everyone says to me you could be alot worst and you know you are one of the lucky ones you could have cancer or something really bad.THAT KILLS ME WHEN PEOPLE SAY THAT!I don't know if I am have a pity party for myself but I don't feel lucky or "ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES"!I always say live in my body for week and talk to me them! Is this wrong for me to feel like I AM NOT ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES?
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    I had a big problem with my ear back in Dec 2000, and like you I thought it was just probably the Fibro. Then after 2 months and the ear was still Plugged up and hurting I thought it was CMP and that the Trigger points in the SCM's was causing the problem.

    I had an MRI done in May of 2001, and there was a Mastoid Disease dx that was never told to me. Now I am going through Hell, trying to get my HMO to hurry the approval through so I can see the Right kind of Doctor.

    I had seen 6 Doctor's and No one had the dx right, I was given anti-botic's, and ear washes, the works. It finally cleared up to where I could hear, But I still have Pain, and the Slight Pressure on my ear, like a hand is pushing on it.

    It hurts inside, like someone is jabbing me with an ice pick.

    I should have gone to an ENT back when it started, but I just thought well it's the FMS, I had just been given the dx in Oct. of the same year, so I didn't know much about FMS, but after 3 years on this Board I have learned at least one thing, and that is if it's a New Symptom, and it's causing you Problems, and Pain, see a Doctor, don't wait.

    I'm having trouble sleeping, I have been up for 2 day's now, and I haven't eaten much, lost another 3 lbs, all because I'm Hurting. (I'm one of the odd balls that can't keep weight on, and that's not good either, health wise, dress wise, yep, but what a Price to pay to be slim)

    Please keep us up to date on what you do and if you see a Doctor or not.

  7. rlb

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    HELLO kredca4/sharon
    I've been up too and can't sleep but I am not the lucky ones to lose weight I gain 60lbs. its all that choc. and milky ways that I love so much.....I think its funny some weeks I sleep and sleep and the others I can't we I am strange....
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    Well I was skinny as a child and through most of my adult life.
    I gained a lot of weight in my 40's and that is also when my Weird Symptoms started, Took me till 2000 to find out why.
    When I first got sick, I weighed 190lb's, in a few months, I was down to a 140 before I knew it, then in 3 weeks I was at 118, the Dr. was going to stick me in the Hospital and put me on IV's.

    After awhile tho, and through some good treatment and Doctor's and this board, I am haning in at 133, but in the last week I went down to the 130. Why Pain cause's me to lose weight I have no Idea.

    My sister's are all heavy and so is on of my brother's, and the make Fun of me, so I too get Picked on by family and Friends for being skinny.

    Is there a Perfect body size anyway? Never have found it, and I'm a Photographer, who loves people of all shapes and sizes, I find Beauty in everyone.