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    I am having the worst earache...i can feel my heart beat in my ears. I have been on two rounds of antibiotics and this hasn't gone away.

    anybody got any home remedies for this?
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    Maybe you should go back to your Dr for help if anti's are not working?
    Have you seen ears,nose and throat DR?

    My home remediy is to take half a cotton ball put some vicks on it,NOT globs of it,and put it in my ears at night or if your inside all day during the day too. It has helps with sore throats too. I also use a nasal rinse every morning,it does help dry out and clean out the ears and sinuses.

    Hope you feel better soon!
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    i didnt have earache with hhv6 , but when ebv broke out too a few weeks ago, my ears started to ache. fortunately i feel much better now...
  4. hi all,
    ive recently started using a plastic container that came with my steam iron,its used for putting water in the iron.

    id say its like using a neti pot.ill put water and a pinch of salt in the pot,then using the pot and tilting my head to one side ill let the water run through each nostril to clean out the nasal passages.

    ive found that when i blow my nose (gently),after the water has gone through the nose,that ill get a wooshing noise in my left ear.it was a bit painful at first,and i was supprised to get the feeling of water being in my ear.but then the ears,nose and throat are all conected.

    my conclusion for myself is...

    psoriasis or another type of skin condition was affecting my ears either because i had a ear infection,or as a result of enviromental allergies.i have hay fever at the moment.

    a antibiotic (which i used for a chest infection recently),cleared up the ears skin condition.but the skin condition was forming again after two weeks.

    now that im washing out my nasal passages every evening,the ears are sorting themselves out as regards no more earache,(maybe its a allergy thing).my throat is being washed with the salt water right at the back of the throat.

    i believe the sore throats are because of enviromental allergins, and nasal drip is infecting our throat.this isnt a good thing as our body is continually trying to fight off this infection,and so we are getting worn out (fatigued).

    i do feel some energy coming back since ive been washing out my nasal passages.i did stop doing it for 4 month,and i just went right down hill with my health again.

    my ears dont hurt now,and im at present,free from any sort of skin problem in my ears.thats a first for me,as my ears were always troubled with this rash that i thought was psoriasis.

    my daughter has this ear rash,as did my mum.mum had fibromyalgia,and i think my daughter has it too.

    my daughter and son, do have sneezing bouts due to enviromental allergins,plants and traffic fumes.but then so does my husband too.isnt that strange.

    take care.love fran.
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    This may sound stupid, but, I got an earache a while back and it was like yours, bad!! Antibiotics didnt do the trick because it wasnt an infection - it was FM!! It was determined that I had a muscle spasm in my neck that made pain radiate to the ear, first the right, then the left.

    I was put on Topamax along with Lyrica and it went away.

    Hope this helps.

    I even went to the dentist and thought maybe it was my teeth.