Earaches Related to Herx?

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    I have been on doxy/ samento for several months and the herx symptoms are almost always with me . I have been getting earaches and my ears feel full of fluid often.
    I also feel soreness at times in my chest - like pleurisy .

    I figure these are related to die off of the spirochetes . Does anyone have an opinion on this subject ?
    Thanks !
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    I just wanted to reply, since no one has. When I started my treatment for Lyme, I was put on Ceftin and I did have an earache and sinus pain. I figured it was part of the herxing. But not really sure, maybe call your doctor and let him know. You could have an ear infection.

    I also get the chest pain, I did frequently before my diagnosis and have off and on since I started the abx. My LLMD says that anything Lyme does, does not surprise him. It can show up in so many ways.

    Sorry I am not much help, but wanted to answer you. take care.

    Love Mindy

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    very much!
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    I really don't know for sure but I wouldn't doubt it. I think you can herx in so many ways. It surely sounds like it could be die off to me. I hope you feel better real soon whatever the cause!

    Good luck!
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    I don't know either, but again, nothing would surprise me either...

    I wonder if trying to pulse it a bit might make a difference for you. Since Lyme does have a long replication rate (28 days), it wouldn't hurt to maybe stop for a week and see how you do.

    Just a thought, it is how my son and others are being treated when symptoms are really flared. and too much to handle.

    All the best,


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    for your insights ! I appreciate your help!