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    I have been wondering if having fibromyalgia could have caused all the female problems that I had , and lead up to haveing a total hysterecyomy tubes, ovaries, cervix, and appendix. The results of having a hysterectomy at that age is now I need other parts put back into place where they belong. But I wondered why I had cramps so bad as a teenager so bad that I could not walk, move , sit , stand. I hoped that as I got older and had kids that all these would dissapear but much to my disappointment they only got worse. So at the ripe old age of 34 I had to have all my female parts removed, and when I got the results of all the tests that were done I found that on my left ovary I had a cyst the size of a large hens egg, There were vericose veins that wer about a half inch in diamater. When they looked at my uterus it looked like mine was that of a old woman. I had the reverse of endometrisous( sp) the blood veins that from the lining of the uterus did not seal off after my period they would sink into the unerine muscel and keep bleeding causeing me intense pain. Was this casued by the fibro? or was this the thing that started it? I had other problems like a cough that sounded like I had the croup but nothing was wrong no cold bronchitsis . Just the dry cough and of course the pain in my chest and ribs I thoght that I was having a heart attack when I got this the first time. I had leg aches as a small child and was told by the family doctor to take vitiam C and asprin and it would cure me but it didn't. I also had problems with me knees and still to this very day have awful pain in my knees I know they have osteoarthitis in both knees and they creek , grind and lock and swell and on and on .So my question is is it just ME? that has had all these things and no one knows why I did and why I was and still am so senstive to the most minor pain. But my drug tolerence is really high. So am I the only one that is so abnormal and has such a tough time getting any Dx. Either for the fibro or the other things . Just wondering . Tonight I almost biffed it waalking up the steps to my house as my right knee suddenly felt like something sharp was pulling it and stabbing it deep inside then locking any movement. So I jsut stood ther with my knee slightly bent with tears rolling down my face till it eased and went away. I feel like I am so not normal with all the problems I have and very alone .It is hard for nnno one not even my daughters understand how intense the pain really is.
    I am sorry that I am whinning to night I am alone here at the house the husband is moved out and the girls are out doing what teenagers do and me I am home writing on a forum where no one knows me or my real name or if I am who I say I am .Some times I get so lost in all of this pain, medications and doctors visits that I loose me . That I and I can't find a job no matter what I apply for I get reaally nice rejection letters. But I have learned the hard way I need t work it gives me purpose and makes me feel better or at least I deal with all the pain better when I have a job. Well I am off to get some rest now. I hope the youngest daugher ( 18 ) comes home from her date with a NEW Man before the wee hours of the morning caause I don't sleep till she is home and I know it. Thanks for letting me whine at you I amso sorry about being such a baby . I need to learn to just take it . And not tell anyone or everyone . Rosemarie
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    I still haven't figured out what started mine. Sometimes feel as if I've had it all my life. Fortunately you've found us. This is a good place to vent. I am also still able to work and am so glad. At work when I am busy and having to meet deadlines it helps take my mind off the pain for short periods of time. I was scared earlier this year when I used 4 sick days - as many as I had used in the 12 years prior combined! I was going through a real bad flare.

    No it's not just you, you will find many here with the same symptoms. Hope you find a job soon, take care.
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    You're not going to believe this, but just yesterday I was thinking of the name Rosemarie and thought "what a beautiful name that is". I'm not making this up - it's true!!!! Anyway, I'm sorry you feel so bad. I had a hysterectomy last November. I'm older than you - almost 53 - but I was so happy to have it. I also have had bad cramps every month and was so glad to be rid of it! I used to pass blood clots! I had my second fibroid - this one was the size of a peach! Anyway, I don't know if FMS caused that, but I will tell you something. Right after I was diagnosed with FMS my periods stopped. No perimenopause or anything. Just stopped. I went to the dr. and he had me take a blood test. He said the results showed I had no estrogen (or very, very low). I had instant menopause. I'm convinced the FMS caused that. I don't know why but I just feel that it did. Since they don't know what causes FMS your guess is as good as mine. Hopefully one day they will be able to tie all these things together.

    As far as how you feel, one suggestion is about your knees. I get that pain too. An orthopedic doctor told me that the cartiledge around my knee was falling apart. The way to fix it is to strengthen your thigh muscle. You can go to a gym and work on the machines or go to physical therapy. It goes help! Another suggestion is that you do need to talk - either to a friend or a therapist - about how you feel. You can't keep it bottled up. That will make you sicker. Find someone you can trust, who is non-jugmental - a friend, counselor, clergy - and tell them how you feel. Or else write in a journal. Just get it out of you. I hope this helps you and that you feel better!!

    Annette2 :)
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    hi there. Ya know what I did?!! I wrote a long enough response to you....a nice warming welcome,commented on your strength,your pain and how I can relate,how I also need a hysto but have'nt had the you know whats to do it!!
    And i forgot to say one lousy thing so I went to edit it....and I hit Delete!!!! I can't believe it!! Its gone now girl!! oh well I tried!!!...............I have'nt the patience to rewrite all that again!!! so welcome!! and I hope we can help each other out in the future~
    ever hear of fibrofog? lol Take care :)
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    I didnt have a hysterectomy BUT for reasons unknown even after numerous tests - I went through Menopause at age 28 shortly after my son was born. All the specialists could tell me was that it was "Premature Ovarian Failure" and they didnt know why. Duh...I knew that before the tests!

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    Doesn't it seem like one thing either leads to another or makes it worse??????
    I had a total hyst two weeks before my 30th birthday.

    Within 6 months after I was diagnosed with FMS,CFS, osteo and rheumatoid arthrits, lactose intolerance, Myofascial pain syndrome, polymyalgia rheumatica,sleep disorders, kidney stones and other things I can't remeber right now.

    My hyst showed endometriosis, fluid around ovaries, several cysts, adenomyosis (some doctors believe this leads to cancer). And huge varicos veins which are still in my abdomen. I wasn't diagnosed with FMS until after the surgery.
    My research has lead me to believe that a hysts at 30 is a particularly traumatic experience and I wish I had known all this before. 30 is a magic number, maybe because it falls near the mid-point in a women's reproductive years.