Early Morning Headaches , Anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greatgran, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    I awake so often with early morning headaches, around 2 or 3 o'clock .. the pain is mostly between my eyebrows.. I always have to get up and take something for pain.. My whole body is always aching but seems to be worse with the headaches.. More than often this is the beginning of a bad flare/crash... It isn't a migraine this is a different type..

    Seems once I have been up for awhile the headache pain is reduced and then just a dull ache most of the day or it may go away but I feel drained and achy for days..

  2. MDS114

    MDS114 New Member

    How is your sleep? Do you snore? I used to get up each morning with a headache...then I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. If I don't wear my mask at night, I get up with a headache. Good luck & hope you get things figured out
  3. Tizz

    Tizz New Member

    ...but I have headaches in the mornings sometimes. too

  4. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    MDS114, I don't think I snore.. My sleep is poor. I had a sleep study no apnea just insomnia ..

    I have had the darn headaches ever since cfs so not sure if its related or not..

  5. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Thanks , I have had the sleep study, but no apnea so they said.. Not sure whats going on..
  6. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    I was going to ask you the same questions about sleep that the others have.

    If not apnea, then are there any pets or other allergens in the room where you sleep? My cat has a bad habit of liking to nap under the covers during the day, although she is gone by the evening. I don't have any problem with allergies from her just being in the house, but there is just something about being so close to where she has sat for a long period of time that sets off my sinuses, giving me a headache.

    Another possibility is allergy to dust mites -- I find it critical to keep an anti-allergen pillow cover on and change my pillow cases often.

    The last thing I could think of is whether or not a fan or AC vent could be facing in your direction. Any air blowing in my face (even lightly) tends to give me a pressure headache.
  7. Empower

    Empower New Member

    You and I are so much alike

    They say if you WAKE UP with a headache that it is sinuses, but you are talking in the middle of the night.

    I too wake up with headaches - like 7:00 am

    Mine is either sinuses or my neck and the way I am sleeping

    Do you have cervical spine issues like me?
  8. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    Are you clenching your teeth at night? Muscle spasms? Myofasical pain?

    Iam always tighting up my muscles against the pain. have actually hyper-extended my ankle sleeping.

    I take extra pain meds at night when headaches happen. also try a moist heat pack on your face,and massaging.
  9. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    This may not apply to you but I also have sleep apnea. For the last year I had been waking up with the headaches and I attributed them to neck problems but my latest sleep test showed that I have sleep apnea and the headaches have now disappeared.

    However, and this probably only in a small percentage of patients, I did have a sleep test about eight (?) years ago and I did not go int REM or deep sleep which is when you are more likely to stop breathing. When this latest doctor looked at my previous test, he said I was actually borderline and this was never mentioned to me.

    I bring this up as I am wondering since you have insomnia if your sleep test was valid.

    A small percentage of people with Apnea don't snore. While weight is a risk factor for SA, it also has to do with the structure of your mouth, nose, air passage and where you carry your weight. Weight is less of a factor in women, children and the elderly.

    I thought if I just lose weight, I would not need to use the CPAP, but my doctor says I will.

    If you go to http://www.apneasupport.org/ they have sleep technicians who will give you their take on your sleep results at no charge. Of course they have the caveat that you can't take what they say as medical advice.

    The forum is part of the National Sleep Foundation which certifies doctors as sleep specialist. It is important that you get a sleep doctor who is certified by them.

    As I said, this may not apply to you but would be curious what your sleep study shows since you have insomnia.

    Good luck.

    ETA I also found that once I was up for a bit, the headache would disappear. It would sometimes take me several hours to wake up and would have this sense of dread/depression that would also go away after being up for a while.

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  10. Gingareeree

    Gingareeree New Member

    I will occasionally wake up around 2:00 a.m. with a throbbing headache.Mine is primarily on one side,but often the area behind my eyes as well as over my eye is involved,also from temple to temple. Like you EMPOWER, I have a cervical issue.Mine is a instability due to whiplash about 17 years ago. I've been researching this,and headaches,even migranes are caused by the instability. What is your cervial issue. Granny,I don't want to highjack your post,but wondering,do you have arthritis of the neck or something like that? ~~~Jeanne
  11. Empower

    Empower New Member

    Yes, I don't want to hijack Great Gran's post either, but if she is having cervical spine issues, it could be the cause. I think 2:00 am is too early to be waking up with sinus headaches, unless as someone mentioned she has something in the bedroom that she is having a reaction to

    I have the arthritis of an 80 year old in my spine and I am only 50

    Bulging disks too
  12. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    there are so many possible causes for headaches unfortunately....several were already given so I won't repeat those.....if you still consume caffeine, then caffeine withdrawal is another one (though I know many of us have stopped caffeine)

    another thing is that you said you have had them since the CFS started & at least one of the definitions of CFS does include "headaches of a new type" (or somethign like that)

    I often wake up with headaches, too......I think that mine are actually caused by dehydration, becasue they seem to be the worst when I sleep for 30+ hrs at a time (& I also am pretty sure that I have diabetes insipidus - the water diabetes, not the kind most people know about - it's really common among PWC's & causes dehydration)
  13. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Thanks for always being here .. Yes, I still take the GE I feel I get benefits from them but not like you did.. I feel the reason being most of my symptoms are cfs related.. With bufferin, garlic and GE I hope my blood isn't to thin..

    I feel the headaches are part of the misery of the darn CFS..

    God Bless,
  14. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Allergy testing negative, no pets, no AC vents or fan.. guess its a sinus/cfs thing.No known, neck problems, was seen by a chiorp. no tmj, ..

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  15. karynwolfe

    karynwolfe New Member

    I get headaches there, it's caused by bartonella infection for me
  16. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    How did you get bartonella infection? Is that the same as cat scratch fever, or is it lyme?
    I feel like I keep an infection even though my temp is sub-normal, CBC ok , all test negative..

  17. karynwolfe

    karynwolfe New Member

    Yes, a type of bartonella (a bacteria) causes "cat scratch fever."

    I did get it from a cat, but you can also get it from a tick. You can get the same strains through either vector, cat or tick, so which thing you got it from doesn't make much of a difference. Cats can carry up to five different strains of bartonella, and ticks, an innumerable amount. I got mine from a cat, but have the most symptoms of b. quintana, which is not the type that causes cat scratch disease. Ironic huh? This kind (bartonella quintana) causes flares every five days, and highly irritable nervous system, and cardiac involvement in my case. It may present differently depending on who gets it.

    Frontal headaches, like sinuses. Extreme pain in the back of the head, also. Ever-so slight fever (which is a fever because my temp in the morning is around 97.2 or lower, then goes to 99.2 every five or six days...your temp is only supposed to rise a degree or so, MAYBE a degree and a half). Extreme anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and highly highly irritable/angry every five to six days (quite disturbing!). Lots of muscle twitches.

    Two of my bartonella tests came back negative, but it's obvious I have it. It shows up less than 50% of the time and is primarily a clinical diagnosis (based on symptom patterns and exposure, etc). My eosinophils (on bloodwork) are elevated, that's about all I have to guide my treatment. Doxycycline made me herx A LOT so I got worse at first, but I also started to improve very quickly, was so much better after just a few months, a lot quicker than being treated for something like Lyme. Amoxicillin also makes me improve quickly, for some reason; it's not recommended for bartonella, but I have reason to believe it helps it anyway.
  18. gknee

    gknee New Member

    Perhaps it is a rebound headache? When I take Vicodin during the day I wake up with a hangover or rebound headache. Just an idea.
  19. coolma

    coolma New Member

    Aren't they a royal "pain"!!! Some are caused by rebounding on the meds you take. Try reducing or cutting out some meds and see what works. Sometimes, just 1/2 dose will stop the rebound headache.
    Sometimes they are because the room where you are sleeping is too warm. I find with fibro, while my body needs to be kept warm (I always sleep with an electric blanket), the air has to be cool or I wake with a headache.
    Something is just over sensitized in our nervous system and it really affects headaches. So, think of what is going on around you, what you are injesting, what pills you are taking and see if you are over reacting to anything. It helps.
  20. Pansygirl

    Pansygirl New Member

    I've dealt with headaches for over 20 yrs of all varieties . But since fibro
    started for me I've dealt more and more with headaches that will wake me up
    anywhere from 4am -6am with a bad headache. It's not always the same
    for me, sometimes I think it's sinus, sometimes my neck and sometimes migraines.

    There are very few days anymore that I wake up without a headache. I wish
    I had a better answer for you , but I'm still searching too.

    And even if I wake up without a headache , one almost always decides to visit. One other thing that I've noticed if I try to ignore the headache
    it makes it worse. sigh

    Gentle hugs, Pansy
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