early narcotic refills?

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  1. goldenrod

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    just a question for anyone willing to comment. where I live, anything more than 3 or 4 days early is considered an early narcotic refill and may be refused. my doc usually writes 2 or 3 months worth for the pharmacy to dispense month by month, and my doc says to pick it up a few days early so not to run out.
    i keep reading posts about people being refused because it is a day early, etc....seems a little harsh but most places have different rules i guess.
  2. dononagin

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    is the reason for that per my pharmacist.. She said it won't cover it until 3 days before the last one runs out..
    Inconvinient.. Hope you are having a great day!
  3. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    they'll bother my doctor for special permission first. It really gets inconvenient because I live out of the city and my fiance has to get my Rx's when he's in town at work.

    Just this last thanksgiving wknd, I needed to pick up several Rx's, I keep explaining to them that consolidation is best. My endocet (weaker Percocet) was off by one whole day, but I coulndb't wait any longer for my a.d. and it was a long wknd.

    I had the bitchy pharmacist that day, the one just dx'd w/ fibromyalgia, but thinks she'll never give in and take any meds for it, even painkillers. Ha, don't you wish her luck on that one. the others might have did it for Thanksgiving, but she couldn't understand why we couldn't make a special (hour and a half return) trip into town on a holiday wknd.

    Yep, it gets really really anal. I can't imagine 3 days latitude, woo hoo.

  4. Fudge43

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    .... that happened to me in the beginning with the scripts .. I guess they have to watch for abuse of some kind .. but now I have no trouble at all .. maybe my timing is better ? ... and we are very lucky to be near our pharmacy so it isn't an ordeal to pick them up ..

    I feel badly for the people that have such a distance to go and so much time wasted.

    When it first happened to me .. I felt so embarrassed I wanted to melt into the ground .. I'm not so sensitive any more .. phew ! But they do make you feel badly don't they ?
    Try not to let in bend you out of shape .. there is enough of that happening in our lives any way.
    Good Luck !
    Fudge : )
  5. suzetal

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    How your doctor can write scrips for narcotics for months in advance.

    That is a big no no with the Federal Gov.Are you in a small town?

    I was taking them and had to pick up the script at the office every month.And my doctor had to make a copy and send it to the main office.

    My DH could not even pick it up for me.Had to be the patient.

    This is Federal Law governing narcotics.Also had to sign a form that I would not try to get them from another Doctor.

    Thats why I do not understand how your Doctor can do this without getting in trouble.The pharmacy's also have strict rules they have to follow when narcotics are involved.They do not keep a large supply of them.They only stock enough to fill 2 scripts .Then order more when there out.There are times I need to wait 24hrs before I can get mine.

  6. goldenrod

    goldenrod New Member

    I live in Canada and this is done frequently in the province I live in.
  7. Tigger57

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    I love my little Mom & Pop pharmacy. They know that I try to group things together when I pick up so I don't have to make so many trips.

    Occassionally, I will have one that's a little early... by a few days or so, and what they will do is fill it and then put it through the system a few days later.

    They really are great about stuffing about that.

  8. dancingstar

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    I shouldn't post this, I know I shouldn't, but I will anyway cause it could help someone as much as it has helped me under desperate circumstances...like a weekend coming at the wrong time of the month or a severe pain attack.

    Next time you get a hard copy prescription, you might want to look for a small, private pharmacy where you can develop a personal relationship with the pharmacist rather than going to a large chain store.

    I've developed a relationship with my pharmacy and pharmacist. I've had the same prescription for several years, and my pharmacist knows that I don't take advantage of him or of my doctor, but if I get in trouble for any reason, they always make sure that I'm taken care of.

    To the best of my understanding, insurance allows for a five to seven-day grace period...not one, two, or three; but the larger stores make up their own rules and force you to live by them. Personally I think it is very rude. Maybe if they began to lose business, they would change their behaviour.
  9. goldenrod

    goldenrod New Member

    thanks for all the opinions/imput!
  10. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    is so nit picky. They will do a few days but I have no clue what the longest is. One time it's no problem and the next it's "You have to wait until Saturday". I don't care unless it's like you say, going to run out on Sunday or there's a long holiday weekend and you are going somewhere or having company. I can see it the first six months to a year of you taking something, to be sure you aren't Addy Addict, but once they know you don't abuse or over take the
    stuff it shouldn't be so difficult!
  11. Fudge43

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    We have different regulations in Canada and each province has in depth regulations that relate to that province concerning medications. Americans can buy Aleve over the counter .. we can not .. Claritin was restricted to Americans at one time, yet we could buy over the counter .. the reason why I know this is because we have American relatives and spoke about the differences many times !
    dancingstar ... that is what our pharmacy is like as well .. when you have been there a while they cut you slack because they "know" you better, you have their trust and respect. I am grateful for that .. my husband and I are on so many different meds, we never thought in a million years we would both end up with such serious medical issues .. we are both glad to have understanding doctors and pharmacists. I only wish everyone had.
    Fudge : )
  12. abbylee

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    On the state, on the pharmacist, and on the drug. At least that's been my experience.

    I usually get mine 3 or 4 days early because my doc is out-of-state and he mails my scripts once a month.

    My husband's doctor is in this state and he's not allowed to mail narcotic scripts. So my husband has to pick his up at the doc's office.

    One pharmacist told me once that I couldn't fill narcotics during the weekend because they had to call each doctor and "verify" the script ("New state law," she said). I took back the script, went to another drugstore and filled it. Nothing was said about calling my doc and I'd never used this pharmacist before. Go figure...

  13. Meghanne

    Meghanne New Member

    I think my pharmacy lets me get mine either 5 days or 7 days before the current one runs out. And my doctor does write a months worth with 3 refills usually. Even when I was at the pain clinic and had Oxycontin I'd get two months worth written a time, one with one refill. Right now I just take Darvocet.
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  14. browneyelady48

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    But I make it a rule to never run out. Its precious stuff to me, and its something I will never run out of. But I went out of town last month for 2 weeks, and knew I would need my rx's refilled before I got back, and my pharmacy refilled mine a week early with no problems. But someone mention dealing with local small family owned drug stores, and they are probably right, and that is what my primary dr always recommends to me, but they aren't as convenient sometime with the hours and 7 days a week. Brenda
  15. meatmane8

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    thanks to all the bad press the feds felt pressured to get tough with narcotics,depending on the class of narcotic depends on how long it is before the phrm. can fill it.an easy way to tell is if there is if it is a carbon copy script,these can have no refills and pharmacies are very careful about filling these early even a few days..i have m.s. fm and have had 2 back operations i have delt with pain for over 12 years,and researched it a ton.you are the patient to the doctor and pharmacie ,they "work" for you,ask questions and lots of them ,yes there are laws and they have a responcibility to explain them.