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    In bed last night, unable to sleep, again - I began looking back over my life with this 'condition' (FMS,??CFS), and comparing it to the stories I've been reading of UK folks DXd with ME.

    It got me wondering that if one gets a 'slow' onset condition - whether of fatigue or pain or both - and automatically paces oneself (maybe even subconsciously, as I did as a kid), it slows down the progression of the condition (maybe even halts it).

    Most of those dx'd with ME (whether rapid/slow onset) appear to have been in a position where they were unable, for one reason or another, to pace themselves. The less they could pace themselves the worse level of ME they appear to have suffered.

    In my brain-fog I'm just wondering if the fact that I did 'pace' myself as a kid, by doing very little than what I HAD to do has prevented me from being a lot worse now. I know that I am getting worse, BUT I only 'flare' when either I get some kind of infection, or I over-do it.

    I would appreciate other people's input on this - fibro-fog (and lack of sleep) is taking over, and I can't work out what it is I'm trying to say - perhaps someone else can:)

    Bye for now
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    .........not hardly.......I was a very active child....who lived in the country and did the country kid things then cried myself to sleep at night because my legs ached so bad. I really feel that was the beginning. I was about 5 or 6. As I got older I did less active things - reading - and did not seem to ache as much. Kind of went into a remission I guess you would call it during my high school years. After the birth of my children (3 in less than 5 yrs) I was tired. I don't seem to have ever completely rested up and in the last few years have started to ache again and along with the aches have come the other pains and the sleep problems, etc. Seems like sometimes there is something "new" every day or so........I agree with you that I only "flare" when I overdo. Which I try very hard not to do. I am also still singing the praises of the topamax which I have been taking for almost two weeks now. WLE
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