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    I need some advice. I am thinking of taking an early pension from my work . I am on CPP government disability. I am still employed but have not been at work in 4 years. Im meeting with my employer Dec 2nd. I called CPP and they said I can still recieve CPP benefits while getting a retirment plan income. I am eligable in March 2006 to early retirem .I will take quite a cut but it will top up my income over the next 15 years so that I can live comfortable. I just paid off the house so mortgage is no longer an issue. I just want to make sure that I can do this. I spoke to two people from CPP and they both assured me I could. NOw I just need to hope that my employer is on board also > I dont see how they can refuse me if I want to retire. As I said Im still an employee. I was thinking they may want to fire me and if thats the case then they will owe me 26 weeks severance pay and will retire any ways. Right now I have no benefits as they cut them off when I was suing for my work LTD income. I settled for a cash amount in the summer. So I hoping if I propose to retire that my work should reinstate my benefits as that is part of the retirment package. Not sure what to think. Anyone else go thru this. Any thoughts on this.Im nervous about meeting with them. I dont want to be taken advantage of . I have put in 30 years at this company and think I should at least have my benefits back and be able to retire. I didnt ask to get sick with fibro, cancer , car accident etc. YOu know what Im saying . any thoughts guys and gals.
    hugs poodlemum
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    I'm going to try and help, hopefully, I won't confuse you!!

    I have applied for LTD benefits from my work, and of course they refused, and am now appealing. However, because of all the stress involved in fighting with an insurance company, I have pretty much decided that if I don't get approved, I will apply for early retirement from work, and then, when I turn 60 in July/06 I will add CPP to that as well. That's one time that I can think of when it's good to be older!!! Are they telling you that you can collect CPP disability benefits and your pension from work at the same time? I thought that disability benefits were for those who were unable to work, and that if you decided to retire, then that meant that you were no longer in the workforce. Know what I'm saying? I know for a fact that you can have a pension and collect from regular CPP at the same time, but you have to be 60 for that.

    I've been online several times lately to the CPP site, and it actually is quite informative, see what you can find out. I'm going to try again to see if you can collect your work pension and CPP disability. Yes, your benefits should be reinstated, if that is in the original agreement. Why are you worried that they may want to fire you? Maybe you should just retire before they try that, but I would think that they would get in big trouble with labour relations, or whatever. Can you reply and let me know if anyone told you could retire and collect CPP disability benefits at the same. I would like to see that in writing, before you jump into it. Have I confused you?? Later, Marie
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    hi Marie: I am no CPP disability benefits already. I called and spoke to 2 different people and they said I can retire from my job and also collect the CPP disability pension. They said it only stops if I start working again. They said I paid into for all these years and am entitled to it provided I am disabled. She assured me its ok. The reason I thought I might be fired is I have been with my company 30 years and in the last 4 I havent been at work due to illness. I got my LTD benefit for 2 years then they cut me off saying I needed to prove I was totally disable. Well I am because the governement is paying me. So I sued them and won a lump sum in the summer. I just got the cheque a few weeks ago. SO I contacted my work to tell them I settled with LTD because they cut off my benefits while the dispute was on going. So Im thinking rather than reinstate my benefits they would rather fire me. I go in and meet with them on Dec 2nd. Im pretty sure I am going to take early retirment. I will be 50 in Feb and am entitled to retire in March. It will be reduced but with the CPP benefit in place it will be fine. So my hopes are that my work will accept my decision to retire and reinstate my benefits. if they decide to fire me then they will owe me 26 weeks severance pay so I cant see them jumping at that option. I did give them the heads up that I was thinking of retiring and wanted to know what my monthly income would be. They wouldnt tell me and said I had to meet with them Dec 2nd. SO I didnt much like that attitude. So Im a bit concerned. Any how Im sure it will all work out. Ive come this far with all my battles and this is the last . Then Im off to Greece for 2 weeks in May and it will be well deserved. Thanks for replying . I will let you know what happens.
    hugs poodlemum
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    Where in Canada are you? I'm in Calgary.
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    And, that's great for you, too!! Should you take someone with you, for support, and to make sure you hear everything? I really do hope for the best for you. I have no income at present, and am appealing first time for work LTD benefits, and have applied for CPP disability benefits first time. Both appeal and application went in the mail the same day. Are you then saying that if I am accepted for CPP disability benefits, I could then retire and get a pension as well?? If I take my pension first, can I be accepted for CPP disability and get both?? Darude, I am in southeastern B.C. Marie
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    I would at least take a voice recorder. It is so hard for us to remember things. Being under stress it will be alot harder.

    Good luck girl,
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    hi Marie: I called two different people from CPP and both said I can collect my pension and cpp at the same time. I think you would have to be approved for CPP first then apply for pension. I live in Ontario. I would check this out for yourself first though as it may differ in provinces and I may have been wrongly informed. Im going to investigate some more but I was assured I could do that. good luck with your appeals.