early signs and endless talking-my Mom

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    Thanks Donna and dakotama for responding. This message is for anyone else too. I'm just 2 days into this group - you guys are great! My mother's short term memory is a problem. I can say that for years she has often thought her family took things from her if she really misplaced an item, etc. Yet, like I said, that has been going on for years with no other signs back then. I do find that her ability to focus and listen is about zero and she talks endlessly on the phone - just going from one sentence to another- the sentences DO make sense - they are not illogical. Has anyone else noticed that? She is also finding it more difficult to concentrate on things unless she is totally by herself doing things. In other ways, like I said, she is so together that no one else would notice this probably. There is no official diagnosis - just something my sister and I are watching closely. Anyways...if anyone noticed endless talking (talking that does make sense but just a LOT of talking) let me know. Thanks