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    whats a natural antihistamine? I know vit c is. but I don"t know how much to take, any suggestion would be helpful. thanks. Sixtyslady
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    Lyme disease is a symptom of tinnitus. Have you been tested for that. I have had chronic fatique/fibro suppoesedly for 20 years and have now tested positive by both Bowen and Igenex- Igenex is the best - so on to another adventure.
    God Bless
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    tried to get a Dr to test me 3yrs ago she laugh at me, even the gal who did my xrays at that time suggested lymes.
    I"m so burned out on DRs at the moment after all this with my husband, I don"t want to go near one.
    my app. wtih the Rhuemy a month ago has not helped me at all.
    Now the DRs taking care of my hubby can"t even agree on what ,s wrong with him after thousand of dollars of test.
    Sorry I just need to vent. I can"t take the stress of going to Drs. Sixtyslady