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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Hawkeye, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye New Member

    I am just needing some help on picking a good shoe for work. I work on my feet all day and I am at the point where if I don't get some relief of my back,hip and leg pain I don't know how much longer I will be able to keep my job.

    Does anyone wear earth shoes or have any suggestions? I want to go shopping tomorrow.

  2. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    i love keen boots and shoes
    earth shoes are not good for me, i do not like that your heel is lower, i like a shoe that is pretty flat with support
    tennies rock
  3. ilovepink4

    ilovepink4 Member

    I just got my first pair of earth shoes a few weeks ago. I have lots of problems with back pain and hoped it would help by strengthening my core muscles. I think they have definately toned me up a little already but I have to admit my back is hurting me more than it ever has!!! Terrible back pain. I am not sure if it is because my muscles are weak and are going through the pain of getting stronger? or, they just mess up my back?? I wouldn't experiment with them for long hours at work.

    I also got a pair of Asic tennis shoes. I think they are meant for walking. I wear them when I am on my feet doing laundry or gardening. They gave me a little more time before my back was screaming for me to lay back down. I like them. I think if you just look into a good, well known tennis shoe, you should be good. I think a good arch is important and also lots of cushioning on the bottom so they act like shock absorbers.

    I have a pair of birkenstocks and they feel nice but they didn't relieve my back pain or allow me to stand longer than usual.

    i hope you find something good. Wait, the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned are Crocs!!!! There are tons and tons of styles if you go to their website! They are lightweight and have lots of cushion!

  4. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    are exhausting! I haven't worn earth shoes since long before I got ill but even when well, I found them exhausting and unnatural.

  5. DemonFairy

    DemonFairy New Member

    After my back surgery (herniated disk), I wasn't recovering as well as I'd hoped. I still couldn't walk for more than five minutes in the grocery store without being in horrible pain. I bought Earth Shoes tennis shoes with a negative heel and a pair of Crocs - both of them helped tremendously. I can no longer wear regular shoes without being in pain. I'm sure there are other shoes that work as well, but the negative heel helped SO much that I now only wear Crocs (my back surgeon who has a herniated disk wears them, too) & Earth Shoes tennis shoes (lots of their shoes are super ugly, but the sneaks look normal). The negative heel takes at least several wearings to to get used to them (you'll probably have sore calves), but they've helped my back so much. They also have a special orthotic to help give an arch support (I have flat feet), and I'm very happy with both kinds of shoes and wouldn't wear anything else. I will NEVER wear high heels again.
  6. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye New Member

    I really appreciate your advice. I am really at a loss as to what kind of shoes to go try on. I had failed back surgery 12 years ago and my back is feeling like I have a herniated disk again it is bad but I do not want to go the Dr and start jumping through the hoops. I am thinking if I get a nice decent pair of shoes it will help me.
    I wore earth shoes in my late teens (YEARS ago) and I loved those shoes. I was a HUGE fashionista a that point in my life so the fact that I even wore them AND that I still remember them fondly makes me lean toward trying the earth brand.
    Well I am getting something this weekend so I will let you all know what I bought and how it worked!


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