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    Has anyone tired the Earthing theory or products? There are some good testimonials on some of the lyme blogs and also on amazon (under book reviews) on improvements in pain and sleep-

    (theory is we "ground" by walking barefoot on the ground--soaking in electrons given off by earth thus neutralizing free radicals- I'm doing this from memory)-- let me know if anyone has tried the products. Living in a cold climate makes it a little difficult to ground naturally!
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    I would not put any faith in testimonials which can be written by anyone even the person selling things on a site.

    I did look at the "science" behind earthing and basically it is pseudoscience. The studies would not even pass a sixth grade science project.

    If "earthing" were true then the cultures where people don't wear shoes would have better health.

    What kind of products are sold?

    Take care.


    ETA I always let my kids run around barefoot when they were younger and I go barefoot, well technically wearing socks, a lot inside, but not because of earthing. We just don't need to wear shoes all the time, they don't really support anything unless you have an orthopedic problem, but they do come in handy for those cold wintry days, eh? Brrrrrr!! :>)[This Message was Edited on 01/24/2011]
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    Funny to read that there is actually a theory based on being barefoot. I say that because in the last few months before I quit working (about 10 years ago), I instinctively felt a strong urge to do this.

    My nervous fatigue (brought on by trying to adhere to a grueling schedule while totally sleep-deprived) was so intense that .... I can hardly describe this, but I felt there was some kind of partition between my mental self and the physical world. Also my feet just felt "disconnected" and kind of "buzzed". When I would get off work or on weekends I just had a craving to walk around in my backyard barefoot and also to lie on the grass and....I just felt I was trying to connect to a more solid vibration than my own and I craved a closeness to the physical earth.

    I don't know anything about "earthing", but it sure caught my eye because of that time in my life. It still feels good to walk barefoot sometimes but I no longer have that urgent NEED to do so.
  4. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    also some reviews in amazon on the book "earthing"

    they claim there science behind it that measure cortisol levels etc. it's worth a try- I've ordered the earthing pad which is less expensive than many supplements I've tried. Going to give a go. Living in the northeast makes it possible to "earth" directly 9 months out of the year... dreaming of warm, tropical climate, and earthing right now..................
  5. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi Herbqueen,

    I started using some earthing products last month, and have found them to be helpful. I've made several posts on another board. Below are some of my main ones. Here's a link to the entire thread:

    All the Best, Wayne

    P.S. Hi Jam :)

    December 24, 2010

    Hi All,

    I received an early Christmas present on Dec. 15 in the form of some Earthing products I had ordered, but was not expecting to receive until next year. I just noticed they've extended their special offer until January 2, in case anybody might be interested. I got the package called the Maxi Kit #2 ($169 plus shipping). The two main products I received were:

    1) A sheet I can sleep on, with a ground wire running outside the house, that “drains” various kinds of EMFs, static electricity, etc. from my body while I sleep; and 2) An approximately 1' x 2' pad that is designed to essentially do the same kind of grounding. It was advertised as a pad you can put your feet on while doing computer work, to negate/ground the EMFs given off by the computer.

    Once I received these products, I noticed they said you can also use the foot pad directly underneath your computer, and have it do the same thing. I liked this idea MUCH better than having the EMFs flow through my body FIRST, and then be grounded.

    The very first day I used the computer pad, I noticed a huge difference in my experience of being on my laptop. Normally, I begin to feel nauseous either right away, or within a relatively short time period of starting a computer session. I ended up working for a long time that day, and never felt the kind of nausea that I’m so used to experiencing. I also didn’t notice a great deal of enervation I normally experience after a fairly lengthy time at the computer. It was really pretty astounding.

    RE: the earthing sheet. I noticed within the first 48-72 hours, that my normally chronic headaches became fairly significantly worse. But since this can happen for no apparent reason, I hesitated to attribute it to the sheet. However, after a 2-3 days, I began to sleep better, and then my headaches became less intense, to the point where they became less intense than normal. This has been the case now for at least the past week, so I anticipate these will be lasting benefits (Oh Happy Day!!!).

    So, MUCH better ability to be on the computer, plus much improved headaches, along with improved sleep, especially the amount of time I can sleep at one time. To me these are all huge benefits, but I’ve noticed another one these past couple days or so. I’ve had what I would describe as “minor” bladder symptoms for several years. They would sort of come and go, so it didn’t strike me as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). I came to believe it was some sort of minor interstitial cystitis (IC) that PWCs often experience.

    Well, what I’ve noticed is that these symptoms have improved to the point where I'm not really experiencing them at all (at this time anyway). Made me think about all those hours I’ve spent on my laptop, and how the EMFs streaming from it was so close to some pretty delicate anatomy. It would make sense that it could disrupt some of the sensitive lining of the bladder, etc. Anyway, this has all been quite a surprise, and a notable Christmas present for me.

    My experiences so far have given me even more insight into just how electro-sensitive I am. So I intend to follow up on this in the coming year, and try to determine how I can protect myself at all times throughout my day.

    Happy Holidays to All, Wayne

    January 8, 2011

    Hi All,

    Wallace, thanks for providing the above link. There's some good information over there.

    Just wanted to briefly mention I've been stringing together several days of sleeping better. 6-7 hrs at night used to be about the best I could do, but am now sleeping 8, 9, 9 1/2, even 10 hours at times.

    This morning, after sleeping about 9 hours, I had that familiar feeling I used to have so many years ago when I slept better. Just total relaxation, no agitation, etc. This experience has reinforced my belief that the benefits of earthing are cumulative. It just seems to be working really well for me.

    Here's a 3-minute video on earthing you might find interesting:

    "Grounding" / "Earthing"

    Best, Wayne

    January 18, 2011

    Hi again,

    A few years ago, a friend of mine with CFS & FM, started using a "pain patch" which I think had some narcotic pain medication. It really worked well for the pain, but she noticed she began to sleep "all the time".

    When she mentioned her concerns about her excessive sleeping to her doctor, he told her it was normal for people to sleep a lot after they've been sleep-deprived for many years. He said to give it a few weeks, and she would likely get over it. About four weeks later, she was back to sleeping more normally.

    I'm kind of thinking I may be going through a similar experience at this time. Just being able to "lounge" in bed in the morning feels like such a luxury compared to the stressed out, head-achy, body-achy feelings that used to be so prominent. It's not all gone, but it's much better.

    I'm always doing a lot of different things, and a lot of different experiments with my body, but I feel pretty confident this improved sleep is a result of the earthing bed sheet and computer pad I've been using.



    I did go to see Vicki Warren this past week. I furiously took notes for a couple hours, as she didn't have any handouts. I plan to go over my notes more in the next few days, and do more research to hopefully get some better understandings of various topics she covered. For today, I'll share just three things she mentioned that I thought were particularly interesting.

    1) The two "hottest" spots in any residential home are generally the electric box and the electric meter. Vicki said she often sees electric meters right on the other side of people's bedrooms. NOT GOOD. They can send some very powerful EMR for several feet, right through the wall, and often right next to the head of the person sleeping adjacent to the wall.

    2) I asked her if various "earthing" products can actually "draw" EMR from various sources, given it's such a grounding tool. I was thinking of how lightening rods are designed to attract lightening strikes and then ground them from there. She said that is indeed the case, and that, in her opinion, sleeping on an earthing sheet should be done in conjunction with turning off the electric circuit to the bedroom at night.

    3) She spoke briefly on the detoxification aspects of removing ourselves from EMR fields. Her take is that this detoxification process approximates in time the normal or average life cycle of a cell, or around 18 months. I'll try to explain more of the detoxification aspects after I get around to renewing my notes a little better.

    I was glad I went to this talk. Lots of good information; lots of food for thought. One last item: She's from Tennessee, and I asked her if EMR awareness is very high there. She said she is contacted by a lot by parents of children with autism. Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to discuss whether she has seen improvements in autistic children after "remediating" their living, and especially sleeping environments. My take however, was that she had.

    Best, Wayne
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    $169?? I would love to have that extra amount of money to spend on something frivolous like, oh I don't know, food? Medication?

    To each his/her own. :>)

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    I guess I would save money on shoes. gap
  8. Waynesrhythm

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    I talked to a good friend tonight who shared some very good results she's experienced with some earthing products. Thought I'd post a link here to my post at PR.

    Best, Wayne

    Better Sleep and Less Pain for $26
  9. herbqueen

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    I purchased the pad and the wrist/foot band-a drop in the bucket compared to what I spend on supplements, bodywork, drugs, organic food etc etc etc

    The jury is still out for me-using the pad at my computer (it outgases and smells of chemicals so there is no way I would bring that to bed with me)! The company really nees to go organic and come up with some organic cotton sheets etc if they are trying to improve health.

    I tried the footband a couple of nights-I didn't notice any improvement and end up disconnecting in the night since i have to get up to go to the bathroom several times---it's cumbersome for me and I don't like the feeling of being tethered. I'll have to try it again. So far I find meditation improves my sleep the most.

    I'm still open --maybe by June ( I live in the north east!) I can try the bare ground! I'm sure that is best.

    It does make sense that we are connected to the earth--and have definitely disconnected our selves from nature and natures way with ill effects--i'll be curious to hear others reports.
  10. helen41

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    on a similar topic, I have been looking into farabloc fabric recently. It was recommended by a rehab hospital to deal with my relative's phantom pain after an amputation. Double blind studies have shown results with athletics and fibro pain as well. With ME/CFS, I figure I'm somewhere in the middle. It apparently blocks high frequency EMF.

    I bought a limb cover, and plan to see how that helps with his phantom pain. If it does, I'll buy myself a blanket and give it a try. They are local for me and said they'd be happy to work with me and trial farabloc pj's if it seems to have an effect.

    I'm a bit skeptical at this point, but it will be an interesting experiment.

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