Earthquake in Southern Indiana This Morning

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  1. ksp56

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    I live in NE Indiana, and felt the earth quake which started in Southern Indiana. I believe they said people in IN, IL, OH, MI, KY, and Toronto felt it as well. There may be more states included.

    I was drinking a glass of water, sometime after 5 am, went to my recliner and heard a large picture, behind me tapping on the wall, wildly. Our computer made a loud and strange noise, and I felt the chair, gently and quickly, 'roll'.

    Our daughter and her husband's dog was frantic at 4:30 am. They kept yelling at her. Animal's usually know something is happening before humans.

    No one, in our home felt it. I probably did just by being awake and hearing the picture rattle. WILD!

    Did anyone else exerience this? It would be intersting to know!

    The midwest is part of Tornado Alley, not Quake City! LOL

    My best friend has lived in LA for years, and has experienced many quakes. To her, this would be a big 'yawn'!

    Look forward to hearing from others!

  2. Cromwell

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    I will tell Dan he is the earthquake expert-didn't feel anything in Buffalo area.

    What mag. was it?

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    It woke me up and I could not figure out what was happening. I live in Belleville, Indiana. It is a small town west of Indianapolis. They said that it was a 5.2.

    My one son didn't feel the earthquake but he sure heard his fiance when she screamed, he said he woke up ready to fight. It woke up my granddaugher and she was afraid to go back to sleep. My grandson slept thru it.

    My oldest son said that he slept thru it. My husband was in Michigan and said he heard it on the news.

  4. fibromickster

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    Yes, we had one too early this morning. However, I slept through it, but my husband fell asleep on the couch and it woke him up. He said the couch shook and the patio windows were rattling for about 30 seconds.

    This morning at 10:15 at work, all of a sudden everyone's computer was shaking and when we stood up the floor was bouncing, it was very scary.

    The news stated that we will be getting tremors for the next couple of days.

    this is the first time for me that I have ever experienced this and it definetly wasn't a yawn for me
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  5. ksp56

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    Thank you for responding! I wondered how many might have felt it.

    My mom was in a doctor's office around 10:30 this morning. She also felt the after shock, and everything rattled again.

    Indiana, is on one of the largest fault lines in the country. I imagine that would mean our neighboring states might be as well.

    It sure was a strange feeling! To me, it was certainly not a 'yawn' either! My friend has experienced the larger one's in the eighties and nineties. Those really scared her.

    Everyone take care!

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    Welcome to the California experience! Earthquakes! I am very surprised to hear of one in the Midwest, though. Actually, in the 1800's, I believe there was a monster earthquake in St. Louis and around. Try to find a brain cell that gives me more details than that, but not working right now! I'm glad it was small and no one got hurt. That's the best kind.

    What were you doing up so early? Very early. Me, too, by the way. Didn't sleep that well, but you know that story. How is your pain level?

    Watching Felix playing in the backyard...supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow. Hope it clears on Sunday.

    Take care...glad nothing or no one was hurt.

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  8. therealmadscientist

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    Some of the eyewitness narratives are very vivid. Apparently, it wasn't just one big earthquake, but the big earthquakes went on for over a year. A lot of people moved and a lot of people thought that "the end of world".

    Guess that a repeat cycle not due for a 100-200 years.

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  9. Springfling

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    It woke my daughter and son-in-law up. Rattled their dresser and jiggled their closet door open. We live 10 minutes away from them and I slept right through it!

    My brother called me the next morning and I thought he was playing another one of his jokes until I turned on the news. Never thought I'd live to hear of a 5.2 earthquake in Illinois!

    I did feel the aftershock around 10:15. Was at work and everything on my desk was shaking. Really weird and scary!
  10. skikat

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    i am origionally from missouri which is where the fault line for this earthquake was named . look up NEW MADRID EARTHQUAKE, on google. it will tell all about it. it also happened in 1968 and i felt it here in iowa then. this fault line is supposed to be worse than the san andres fault in calif.

    it takes in part of iowa, missouri, indiana, illinois, part of tenneseekentucky, and arkansas, i believe. i used to know them all but my history is a little rusty.
    this same fault did the BIG ONE i think in 1898 and thousands lost thier lives to it. maybe much higher count than that . i cant remember.

    they say a bigger one is coming.
    GOD bless us all. hugs-ski-