Easier to get Pain relief in CA

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    An article appeared in the Sacramento Bee this weekend. The title was "Better relief on way for people in pain".

    California is close to revising prescription formsin a way that police and physicians say would provide better treatment for people in severe pain while keeping a tight lid on diversions of drigs to illegal use.
    The changes would improve the care of patients suffering a terminal illness or chronic pain, patients who often are inadequately treated because of excessive paperwork and fear of prosecution.
    "Pain makes them want to die," said Dr. Robert Brody, chief of the Pain Consultation Clinic at San Francisco General Hospital and a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, who argued that many studies show pain is undertreated. "Pain makes them actively suicidal. Pain destroys their hopes and their lives."
    Doctors say a major barrier to pain management has been burdensome triplicate prescription forms - which include a copy for the state Justice Department - that are required for the most powerful pain medications such as morphine.

    There is a lot more to this article, I just can't type it all. It really made me feel encouraged.
    Please excuse any typos!
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    Very intriguing article, indeed. But this is nothing new - I hope it does change. My doctor doesn't believe in pain meds or disability, so therefore I don' t really need to see her at all! ( I live near Sacramento) Do you know of a good MD in this area? Will certainly follow this in the news. No one should have to suffer from chronic if medication is available.
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    I will see if they put that article on the net, a lot of the papers do that I found out, I would like to read the whole article, but I will printout what you Posted for us.

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    CAgirl, We (hubby, son 12, son 13) and I (with fibro) live in Grass Valley. (my hubby and I grew up here) We should email. aol. You can punch in Bigedandtina. You and I are the same age. We too have a boat, we are down at englebright lake, collins lake, camp far west etc. allot Bass fishing... I would love to have a fellow sufferer to have lunch with etc. while the boys are in school! I look forward to hearing from you. Tina

    PS. I dont snowboard anymore do to injury, but my boys go every year with their school. We love the snow![This Message was Edited on 05/05/2003]