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    My thoughts go out to everyone suffering (health and personnally) from this east coast mess. The eye of the hurricane litterally came right over our house. If it had been 5 miles south "they" said my area would have been impacted more.
    Thank god we did not loose power this time, but after the severe storm we had this summer I feel sorry for anyone that did.

    Just an hour north the island comunities are a disaster. Houses were so flooded they came off there foundations and smashed into one another. Another section went completely under water. One group of islands is so destroyed that the people cannot go home for up to 6 months due to a gas main.

    Now tonight is a noreaster that brought snow: Wasn't suppose to, but it went for 8 hours of heavy wet snow. Once again I love Atlantic City Electric cause I would nt want to be without power tonight. Just hope it melts tomorrow!

    Besides stress and being tired I have held up well: Pain has been ok.

    I just hope everyone affected made out ok and their homes made it though.

    My prayers are with everyone involved


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