Easy cabbage casserole, and tastes like Cabbage rolls

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    Here is a great and simple way to cook cabbage......tastes like cabbage rolls......

    Take a (is it 13 by 9 inches?) casserole dish or cake pan. Dish you use MUST be low or flavors do not mingle right.

    Add one lb. of cooked ,drained, ground beef...that you put salt and pepper on when cooking.....

    On top....add a small head of chopped cabbage, little bigger than you would for cole slaw.The cabbage will be high in the pan, but will shrink as it cooks.

    Over this pour a large can of tomato sauce. It will appear that there is not enough liquid at all. But have faith, it is fine. Cover with a lid or tin foil tightly, bake 350 or so for probably an hr.

    As the cabbage cooks-----it releases liquid and your casserole will be juicy and good. So do not add nor tomato sauce or any water before baking.

    NO ONIONS or other things need to be added.....Honest. I put onions in about everything. This dish is great with just the ingredients and salt and pepper on the meat.

    We love it, hope you do also......Blessings.......Susan
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    I am going to try this. I have made stuffed peppers but never stuffed cabbage. I have been meaning to try to make them for a long time but never got around to it. This recipe sounds like a great alternative.

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    When the red stuffed peppers are on sale...or you gow a lot of them.....use them instead of the green. GOOD, People will actually eat the red pepper, even kids find that they like it. Some like the orange and yellows also. Can make a few of each.

    If I get irregular red peppers, they would never stand up, slice them into long ways and stuff each. My DH does not like a lot of rice, so I only add a little. A friend uses diced potatoes in hers.........and it is good. I have tried it , adding potatoes, but hers is better.

    People is always asking me when I am going to send them more peppers.Our Sam's Club has really small peppers, red and all. Would be neat to slice long ways and stuff, to add to a ham dinner or such. Would really look festive and you would get raves. Blessings.......Susan

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    i made it and dh loved it ty gail
  5. mollystwin

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    Do you ever put rice in this dish??? I plan to make this soon.

  6. sues1

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    IF I did I would use minute rice or partly cooked rice, as rice soaks up the liquid as it cooks. Could serve this over rice.

    Back in working days and no microwaves........I would forget to set something out for dinner. I would throw a block of ground beef in a oven useable pan with a lid.....salt and pepper and any spice prefered. Pour can of tomatoes or sauce or soup or even ketsup if that is what you have.......sliced onions on top..celery and or carrots......if you wish. I would pour a little rice around this meat loaf, making sure it was covered by juice. Rice expanses a lot, so be careful on how much you use. Cover and bake until down. You can add a little red or green bell pepper also.... I used to call this "YIKES, nothing thawed for dinner dish". Everyone loved it. I bet noodles would be good in it also.

    Blessings Susan
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    I was telling my sister about this board, and mentioned that there have been recipes exchanged, as well as comfort and good wishes, so your post came up, I told her about the easy way you make your cabbage cassarole, she wants no part of it no offense to you but she is insisting I make my Grandmother's Hungarian cabbage rolls, this is no easy process as you know. So I got out my Grandmother's cookbook that was published by her church, and so many great memories came flooding back, so I just wanted to say thanks for your short cut ( which I will make some other time ) and making me remember what a wonderful cook my Granandmother was and all of the fond times I had with her in the kitchen.
    Warmest wishes,
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    I made it the other nite. It was delicious. I mixed Uncle Ben's whole grain brown rice with the ground beef. It tasted exactly like the rolls I used to make. Because I didn't have to stand in the kitchen for hours I call it No Pain Cabbage Rolls.
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    Funny thing! We are in the midst of selling our house to move closer to our children and grandchildren, so I do not use the oven because I want to keep it clean for those who come to view the house. Otherwise, I would be cleaning the oven all the time, which I really don't want to do!!!

    So, instead I try to use the crockpot and cook things slowly there. Do you think your recipe would work in the crockpot? Many thanks!
  10. Susan I make something similar we call chopped up cabbage rolls.

    I brown two pounds of ground chuck in a large pot on top of the stove, drain, then chop up a small head of cabbage finely , add that to pan, add a can of diced tomatoes with garlic, oregano and basil, then pour a can of tomato juice in and cook until cabbage is almost done, then add about a cup of rice 10 min before its done and seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic.) and simmer until done and the juice soaks up alot. It tastes just like cabbage rolls. And my family LOVES IT!

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    I fully understand cooking like Granny did.....nothing less would be the same. I miss my grannys cooking!

    Thanks to all for the rice and so forth tips....I have to try that now.

    Sorry I did not answer sooner. Many know I have been getting Chemo, etc. treatments and then I was inthe hospital
    recovering fine. But tired, slowly getting energy (what little I have with Fibro-LOL) back.
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    Wow, all of these recipes sound great !! Really yummy. DH and I love cabbage rolls. However, you can forget the old fashioned way. I haven't done that one in many years and I havae done plenty of cooking for my 5 kids, DH and his dad to.

    Fibrobutterfly - When you make your dish do youcover your pot and how big of a can of tomato sauce do you use?

    All of you, did you precook your rice first or use the minute rice? I am all for the quick and easy way now.. No energy and too full of pain, etc.


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    to buy some cabbage! Thanks for sharing, Sue.

  14. I use a large can of tomato JUICE in mine and don't cover as it always seems to simmer over and make a mess. It may seem too much but it soaks in the cabbage and rice mixture when done. And granni no don't cook the rice just add it towards the end , maybe 10 min before its done. Man I am so hungry for this, might make it tonight.
  15. OMG I made this again last night and IT WAS SOOO GOOD and EASY! My family LOVES IT!