Easy Cooking For Fibromites!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by RENA0909, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. RENA0909

    RENA0909 New Member

    I have had so many problems lately trying to cook!I either burn stuff or dont cook it enough!
    I used to love cooking......but when I got severe fibro it was awful for me.


    I now use a slow cooker(I think you call them crockpots)and I cannot beleive how this has helped me in my life.

    You just put all your food into it in the morning and then just eat it at dinner when you are ready!!

    I cannot work because of fibro so this helps me sssoooo much instead of panicking about what to make and when to cook it.

    And since the cold weather here in the UK has already started I am happy to use this quite a lot making stews/curries/chillies etc knowing that I dont have to stand watching the food cook makes my life so much easier!


  2. Bunchy

    Bunchy New Member

    Fellow UK-er here - I remember you as you suffer with hot weather like me!

    Can you post some ideas for easy recipes - I have a slow cooker but I'm not very imaginitive.

    I like anything, especially spicy food, chilli, anything easy really as I cannot stand long due to severe low back pain.


    Love Bunchy x
  3. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    I love my crockpots. I have a couple of different sizes which I use. In the colder weather I have hot cinnamon apple and raisin oatmeal waiting all ready for me first thing in the morning when I wake up.
  4. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    This is what I am going to have to start doing as cooking is such a chore for me. Now I need simple recipes .. Especially for evening and the weekend. Recipes please.. The only one I have that is simple is a pot roast and soup which is a chore because I use or try to use fresh veggies and getting them ready.. Maybe I will go for the frozen ones.

    God Bless,
  5. Bunchy

    Bunchy New Member

    How do you do your pot roast? - please copy the recipe if you have the energy :)

    Love Bunchy x
  6. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    Hi Glen - You can make oatmeal in the microwave if you don't have a small crockpot. I got my recipe when I took microwave cooking lessons at the Future Shop. I got a lot of great recipes in those four weeks of lessons.
  7. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    My sister cooks oatmeal in the crockpot. It's delicious!! I am just on my way out to get one, LOL!!

    Maybe we should have a sticky with easy recipes or would this be too cumbersome.

    I try to eat healthy foods but when you are "down for the count", it can be so hard to cook.

    Anyone know of any sites for healthy easy cooking, perhaps with a grocery list?

    I had to fire my cook!! :>)
  8. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    Is your crockpot one of the older ones that is all one piece? The newer ones have a lift out ceramic dish that you can put in the dishwasher. Very easy to clean :)
  9. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Pot Roast recipe.. I get a Sirlion or Bottom Round Roast, put it in the pot. Add, onion, garlic, potatoes, carrots, celery a little water, a dash of worcestershire sauce. If I have it I also add a can of Golden Mushroom Soup. Turn it on high to get it started then down to medium or low whatever your pot has and let it cook all day.. or until very tender. I also do this in the oven as well on 350.. but only cook about 1 hr per lb. You can add any veggies you like. But I always use fresh ones. not frozen or canned wit this recipe. It depends on the size of the roast as to how many veggies you want to add.. This is another eye ball for me.

    I have got till I just throw things together and hope for the best. I also have one for Chili Beans that is simple. Ground Round or Chuck, you can brown this is you have time, 2 chopped garlic cloves, one chopped onion, chopped pepper , 1 can of diced tomatoes, 2 Tlbs. chili powder or more if you like, 1 can of pinto beans and 1 can of kidney beans..about 1 cup of water, I eye ball the water, any other spices you might like.

    Hope you can figure this our as my brain isn't with me today..
  10. Bunchy

    Bunchy New Member

    That's very kind of you to post these recipes when you aren't feeling well (((hugs)))

    I will copy and paste them and try them out - they sound yummy :)

    Hope you have some better days ahead.

    Love and gentle hugs,

    Bunchy x

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