Easy Fleece Blanket

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Janalynn, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Janalynn

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    For those who can't crochet, sew, knit (all of the things I wish I could do)...here is something anyone can make.
    I have made a bunch of fleece blankets as gifts and everyone LOVED them.
    All you need to do is go to your favorite fabric store. Find two fleece fabrics that you like.

    Have them cut to whatever length you want. You can make lap blankets or full length. I made one that was 6' (72")

    Lay the 2 pieces of fleece out on top of each other (table or floor) with the fuzziest sides out.
    Cut 4"-6" strips from the outside in, along all edges of the fleece about 1"-2" wide.
    Then you simply tie the strips together. You tie the bottom strip piece to the top strip piece in a knot.
    They won't come undone. They do not have to be perfect by any means!
    You can wash them, dry them - they're warm!!

    You can do lots of fun things - a fun pattern on one side, with a solid color on the other. For a child, I've made one leaving one end open and they can crawl into it like a sleeping bag.
    Also have made a smaller one for a dog.
    Great for college students using school colors. Was surprised that my big boy wanted to take his to the dorm!

    Anyway - since we all like to cuddle and be cozy, thought I'd offer something that we can all do - even with the help of kids if you want a project to do together!
  2. Janalynn

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    Oh you are so sweet! Thank you for the compliment.
    I don't have any blankets here or I'd take a picture!

    Let me see if I can make it easier to explain.
    Picture two pieces of paper on top of each other.
    You would cut through both of them like you are fringing the edges , but make each cut or strip an inch or two wide and 4-6" "deep" or into the the paper (fleece)
    So make a cut, move your scissors over an inch or two, cut again, repeat. Cut through both pieces of material.
    Once you cut around all four sides. You just tie each strip (the top and the bottom) together - the two that are on top of each other. It is SO easy.
    Is that making any more sense?
  3. happycanuk

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    My daughter ad I made a few of these a couple of years ago, and they are so snuggly and warm (double fleece). Make one, because it is easy and they look good.
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    I spoke with my sister last night and she was making a fleece pillow case for my niece. She has bought some bright fleece - lime green and bright blue, like her bedding. She cut the fleece to fit the pillow ( a little larger) and before she tied up the final side, she stuck the pillow in, then finished! She said it is absolutely adorable - another great idea! I'm going to have to try this one as well.
  5. doloresf1

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    This sounds LOVELY!! I'm going to begin making these blankets for gifts. Also, pillows for my grandkids. How wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this craft with us. Love and WARM Hugs, doloresf1
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    My SIL made me one of these blankets - it is the favorite blanket in the house! My kids fight over it. Even though she put Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on one side (it was meant to be a Christmas blanket) we still keep it out all year - I just hide it under the couch when not in use.

    She did say it's very easy to make. And it is VERY warm and cozy! Also, you can wash it as often as you like, and it doesn't get ruined.

    Now that you posted this, I think I may try to make one. I will be going to Joann's this weekend to get yarn and a crochet hook (trying to learn to crochet) so maybe I will check out the fleece fabric, and see what I like. Then I will make 2 so my kids will stop fighting over it!

    BTW.....do you put any filling inside?? Because mine feels very fluffy. Is that just the type of fabric that makes it feel like that?
  7. boltchik

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    Oh my gosh!! What a fun idea! I am excited to try it. Do they fray at all? Thanks for passing this along. Have a great night, Kim :)
  8. Janalynn

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    No they don't fray at all and they wash and dry wonderfully! There's really nothing to fray because all sides are tied so to speak.
    I have never filled them, but I suppose you could.
    I'm thinking about making one for my Mom, a smaller lap blanket for her to use while she's watching TV.

    If I start now, they could be great gifts all year long. I made one for my best friend a couple of years ago, but her dog immediately took it over. I'll make her a new one and maybe my Mom's dog would like one as well. I'm not kidding when I say it's easy. They'd make great baby blankets I think cause they're Sooooo comfy! You can also find the cutest fleece material.