easy protein ideas??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by NanceZ, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. NanceZ

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    i'm having a terrible time havign energy to fix much high protein food and I know I am suffering for it. I will pick up a dioc recommended protein powder but wondr if anyoen ahs ideas for easy non labor intensive protein sources? also do you have any ideas of how to use protein powder so it tastes ok??

  2. libra55

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    I don't use the protein powders because like yourself I find they don't taste good.

    I eat cheese (the cubes or the little ones that come individual wrapped), cottage cheese (low fat), hard cooked eggs, very lean meats like chicken and turkey, peanut butter, and sometimes fish. I don't eat nuts because can't digest 'em due to no gallbladder.

  3. suz41

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    Hi Nancez:

    I have found alot of ways to sneak in the protein even when I am at work. I do pick up the low fat protein drinks (vanilla flavor only) for a quick pick me up when I am at work in the schools. I also pack peanut butter again low fat with fruit. I like my PB on apples or Bannanas. If I'm really struggling for time and need the protein lift to keep energized and avoid a slump I keep a few protein bars on hand in desk drawer or cupboard. However< check out the labels for fat content and sugars. I purchase mine from a local health food store. I have also found that chicken or turkey breast on whole aot bread with cheese and spinach really helps for lunch at work. I haven't found it too hard to put my protein kit together, I just try to do it the night before, because early mornings are when I have a hard time getting my engines running and I have to be at the school by 7;30am.
    Hardboiled eggs work well too. Hope this was helpful.

  4. NanceZ

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    for the ideas fellow posters.

    I can sue some of the ideas and not others due to dietary restrictions....leaky guy allergy issues

    but..THANK YOU!!
  5. jmaxjmax

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    I drink Ensure High Protein drink. My tummy is pretty ify at times. This stuff never bothers me. Its also lactose free. Any of the stuff with whey would cause havoc due to lactose intolerance.
    :) Max

    PS These come in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Wild Berry. Just open the can and drink ;-)[This Message was Edited on 09/19/2003]
  6. Susan07

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    I use a soy based protein powder. I mix it with about 10 oz of juice along with 1/4 tsp fiber and tsp of colloidal silver each morning. I found a mini-blender at Walgreen's about $2 to mix it in the glass. My juice choices are: apple juice or white grape juice or white grape peach.

    Good luck!