EASY RAW FOOD PLAN + juicing + -- laid out ANYWHERE?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by victoria, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. victoria

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    I am totally convinced raw food and raw blended 'salads' or 'soups' (meaning the fiber is kept) would be extremely helpful, but do it far too rarely.

    While I have a variety of raw food books including Wolfe's and Wigmore and 'newer ones'... and have even gone to classes at raw food institute in Atlanta a few years ago... I can't seem to get it together lately.

    Does anyone know of a book or site that gives you a laid-out plan that is economical? I just can't quite pull it together mentally.

    In other words, I need a plan that says something like:

    Week 1: buy 10 tomatoes, 4 avocados, 2" ginger root, 3 bunches parsley, etc... and then gives simple blending or juicing or minimumally food processor'd recipes to use it all up during the week!

    Right now I feel like I'm picking and choosing, and ending up with stuff I never get around to eating or finish eating etc... and organic produce is just too expensive to be doing that with!

    I just want something 'mindless' to follow right now... hope that makes sense?

    Thanks all,

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  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    hope too many are not out of town...

  3. marmayer

    marmayer Member

  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Victoria

    Nope, don't know of any book like that.

    But you know what necessity (or desire) is the mother of.

    Maybe this is the opportunity for you to create such a book.

    But don't write it first. Just think about it and draw up a table of contents. Then write a cover letter to publishers of health books and see if they are interested.

    Even if you don't write a book, thinking about it may get your own plan organized.
  5. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    Raw foods have really helped me (I have severe CFS) more than anything else I've tried. For me, raw foods have decreased depression, reduced pain and inflamation, greatly lessened my brain fog, and have generally made me much happier than I would otherwise be with this illness. I also tend to have more energy when eating raw.

    Right now, I'm at about 75%, and I'm trying to do about one completely raw day a week. My wife makes me fresh veggie juices every day (with lots of greens), and I do a huge salad at least once a day. I do eat some meat, soy products and grains, though. With winter coming, I'll probably keep up a fair amount of warm foods, grains and proteins.

    Have you seen Victoria Boutenko's books? She's helped me a lot. I once went to a raw weekend in Ashland, Oregon, that her family was doing. Her whole family is raw.

    Gabriel Cousens is very knowledgable and has a number of excellent books.

    Paul Nison is pretty good. Roe Gallo has a good book, although I think she emphasizes fruits too much.

    David Wolfe's SUNFOOD DIET SUCCESS SYSTEM is great. He probably knows how to keep a raw diet balanced better than anyone else. I've heard him speak a few times.

    Doing lots of raw is hard for me at times, though! This weekend, with the smell of Labor Day barbecues everywhere, I desperately wanted a hamburger, and ate one yesterday!

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  6. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Thanks Rockgor, if I could get that far lol, I'd be able to put together a simplified plan for myself.

    I once did the 'Body Ecology' Diet, she had her book organized by acidic/alkaline food combining and so I just photocopied the recipes and organized them by that... but 'easier' overall because it was not near as raw as I'd like to go. . .

    you know what they say, old diets- errr - I mean habits die hard... it was so easy to just broil some meat and steam a green veggie or cook potatoes and green veggies.

    Ken, that is great your wife is helping you., wish my DH liked being in the kitchen. He's supportive as long as I'm the one making it all lolol...

    I do have most if not all of the books you mentioned, just goes to show you how lamebrain I am when it comes to this... all my time/brain power has gone into reading about lyme I guess, cuz I can't even look at the food books.

    I am at the point of maybe putting a sign up at our local HF stores to see if anyone could even just bring me meals for a few weeks and lay out a plan...

    but I'm afraid of it being 'way out' in $$ or perhaps theory, not sure how to check people out on this unless I demand possibly some kind of certification from somewhere.

    I did find a website (http://creativehealth.us/about.htm) last night that sold a 'home course' of DVDs and a 'book' to lay it all out rather than going and staying at the clinic itself (which is in Union city MI). I wrote them an email but haven't heard back yet; well, it is a holiday today and it is manned by volunteers.

    It is called the 'Creative Helath Institute', supposed to be based on Ann Wigmore's teachings, is non-profit... It looks like the 'home course' is authored by a Dr. Jim Carey in Savannah Georgia. If anyone's interested, I will let you know what they say...

    and bumping up for more replies I hope!

    Thanks again!

  7. painintheeverywhere

    painintheeverywhere New Member

    I am willing to do anything as far as diet and exercise to feel better. I am going to start a search to find such a diet... I'll let ya know if I find one, please let me know if you do. That would simplify so much!


  8. victoria

    victoria New Member

    OK Jane, you're on, let's pass the info back and forth. as we find it.. meanwhile hopefully someone will be enlighten us quickly!

    Xchocoholic, thanks, but that is the problem... I'm always missing some thing or things that is key... would end up running back and forth to the HF store which is on other side of town from me.

    So, I'd either end up doing that or basically having to just eat individual veggies raw... altho I know raw foodists who do that.

    So, and I know I sound spoiled at this point, but when I'm fatigued and brainfogged, raw squash etc just isn't appealing; lost my taste for salads too, for some reason. I realize I'm experiencing a lot of lethargy, at least part, maybe all, is probably due to herxing I know.

    Actually I think part of this is that I just want someone to feed me and take care of me for a while, lol ... just a week would be nice, to have no responsibility. Probably we're just a wee bit burned out from taking care of MIL who has stage 6 dementia, even tho we do have help with her; plus my health problems, my DHs health problems, and my son's chronic lyme.. etc.

    all the best,
  9. victoria

    victoria New Member


    was that a salad, a dressing, or --? Sure sounds intriguing anyway. Wish the HF stores would offer more raw 'dishes', there is a deli, but the closest is the tabbouli... at least the parsley and lemon juice & onion are raw tho, hehe.


    DNCNFNGRS - REALLLLLY????????????

    Thanks, I will check it out tonight!!!

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  10. victoria

    victoria New Member

    DNCNFNGRS - RawLifeLine is revamping its program... didn't state when they would be starting up again... I will keep it as reference and check back next week.

    STORMYSKYE - Thanks; that of course makes a lot of sense. I will just have to try to steal some time here and there and make out a plan... was just hoping to have a shortcut available.

    Well, CHEERS to us all over a full glass of freshly juiced juice for trying!




    I dont know if I can list it so google Halelujah acres and they have some great raw and juicing recipes. I keep saying that I am going to follow the hallelujah diet and I dont know why I dont.

  12. painintheeverywhere

    painintheeverywhere New Member

    but I found a Brownie recipe and these pics...take a look, they are funny.

    I'll check more tomorrow.



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