Easy way to editi posts for spelling

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by gapsych, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. gapsych

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    Hello all!!

    I am a horrific speller and usually have to edit my posts several times especially if I am foggy. I can look at the text several times, send it, and then notice the spelling errors only after I reply. Anyone else?

    I just discovered something that really helps. I have tried putting my text in word and then spellcheck but I do not always do this.

    I discovered on my google toolbar that there is spell check for whatever you are writing that might not be in word, etc. It has been there for two years and I did not notice it until now!! Duh!!

    Maybe I am about the only one who does not know about this, but just in case people do not know, I thought I would post.

    Take care.
  2. Rafiki

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    When I tried to respond to you I was taken to the online store! I felt like I'd suddenly landed in a healthcare Ikea -- I was wandering around so confused and overwhelmed. I fear I will not fare so well here. I'm sure I will be able to cope when I really need to but won't hang out the way I did.

    Anywho, do you know why there is a check next to this thread under the "online" column. Does that indicate that you are online? There is one near an old thread of mine, too.

    I went to my profile section but could find nothing that would allow me to choose to have private or public online status. For many of us who have very little energy it is important to be able to just hang out and read when we know we are not up to posting. Having it announced that we are here makes me uncomfortable. Sometimes I simply do not have the strength to type nor the intelligence to have anything to offer. I'd get really embarrassed if my presence was announced when I was feeling that way.

    So, Gap, do you have any idea what that check means?

    Yea, I should ask a mod but I've just stumbled out of PH-Ikea and I'm already so overwhelmed and confused!!!

    I am typing in a nice big box. That's something, I guess.

  3. 1sweetie

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    This is not working for me either. I just tried to delete a post on the "Traveling Thread" and I am stressed out. I could not get it to delete. I finally tried to edit and it showed that the post had been deleted many times yet it was still showing on the thread. I finally hit refresh and it disappeared BUT when it disappeared it threw me off the board. I had to sign in again. It has be be easier that this. I am too mentally challenged to handle this confusion.

    I also feel like you. I am able to lurk much more often than I am able to post. Now I feel that I am being rude if people know I'm online and not posting when the real problem is that I am not capable of putting more than 2 sentences together.

  4. Rafiki

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    I think we should both take Kina's advice and just breathe for a while. :~)

    When you are only up to reading, just don't log on.

    I have moved on to having all kinds of confusion with the results of searches! When I search for posts with my name in the title I get a whole lot of stuff that seems out of order and, basically, hugely confusing.

    Something to note: If you are searching for a username it is case sensitive now.

    So, we breathe, smile and go slowly

    Peace to you 1Sweetie!

    PS I am trying something bold and replying to your (1Sweetie's) post to see where this will show up on the page.