Easy way to send CFSAC recommendations to Secretary Sibelius

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by denis321, Jun 1, 2009.

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    The CFIDS Association of America has an easy way for people to send the CFSAC recommendations to Secretary Sibelius:


    This is a good things as one of my major concerns has been whether the DHHS Secretary even pays attention to the recommendations. DHHS has authority over CDC, NIH, Medicare, etc. Some former CFSAC members have expressed that they don't get a response from the Secretary's office despite there being only 10 federal health advisory committees besides CFSAC.

    OK to re-post elsewhere. Thanks to all the people on the board and beyond who phoned in, wrote it, and help spread info. Too tired to comment more tonight.

    ETA: I see outofstep beat me to the punch! I'll leave this up anyway.
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    let's all make sure that the recommendations are implemented this time!
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    -just also know that you have to print out the letter and send it thru snail mail.....the place where it says that is very easy to miss and it has an email link that makes it seem like it's possible to email it to the sec of health - it's not - actually the email link is supposed to send a copy of what you wrote to your own email (But it didn't do so for me)

    still, it is helpful - you can just send the pre made comments or you can add you own

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    for posting this. I printed the letter to Sebilius yesterday, and then today got another e-mail from cfids.org about more actions. Anyways, of course, the more input the better!

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    This is great! I was hoping that the CFIDS Assoc. of America would tell us what kind of activism steps to take. Now that we are all riled up from watching the CFSAC meeting, I am primed to do all these steps!

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    yeah, now is definitely the time to do something while we have some momentum going
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    Thank you for posting this Denis. Even in my fogged-out state I was able to fill out those letter-templates with ease. :) Far out. I am very impressed with the CFSAA lately and I'm quite pleased to be able to say that finally.

    Fill 'em out everyone it's so easy and then get anyone you can to fill 'em out too. It only takes a few minutes, they keep all your personal info from one letter-template to the next so you don't have to fill that out more than once.

    Go Team!!
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    to everyone doing their bit, and more, to move forward at this critical time!

    If not us, who?

    Bravo Everyone!


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