Easy Ways to Shop for Holiday Gifts & Support Research

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    As I'm wrapping my brain around how in the world I am to get my holiday shopping done, I hit upon the idea of making donations in the gift recipient's name to my favorite research organization.

    Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

    My choice is the Whittemore-Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Diseases (wpinstitute.org)

    I'll make the donations, and then will send cards letting my family members and friends know that their "gift" this year is going toward this worthy organization's work.

    It will solve the gift-giving dilemma, financially support research that may help me (someone they hopefully love!), and educate them more about my DD.

    There are many other organizations to choose from. Check the websites of your favorites to see which ones accept donations. Some may even send a card to the family member or friend.

    [I posted this originally on the CFS/FM board, but thought this thread might fit better on this board. Other great ideas posted on the other board are also copied below.]

    From lichu3: Shop online at Amazon and help kids with CFS! 11/22/07 03:42 PM

    Pediatric Network is an organization devoted to helping kids with CFS and FM. (Google Pediatric Network and CFS.)On their website page is a direct link to Amazon. This link also connects to others like Target, Toys R Us, etc.

    A percentage of anything brought through the link is given as a donation to helping kids with CFS.

    This organization was started by Dr. Bell and parents of kids affected in the Lyndonville CFS epidemic. It is a legitimate org.

    Unfortunately, the CFIDS Assoc. of America doesn't have such a link to donate.

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    From findmind: mezombie 11/22/07 05:12 PM

    A great idea; but wonder if recipients would feel slighted, especially if they really, really wanted that new George Foreman grill, LOL!

    I like iGive.com; my fav org is, of course, the National cfids FOUNDation (ncf-net.org).

    They have a zillion stores that give varying and/or special percentages of each purchase to your designated charity.

    This may start a trend that actually does some good towards a treatment plan for PWC/MEs!



    From mezombie: Lichu3 & Findmind -- holiday gifts/donations 11/23/07 09:48 AM

    Thanks, Lichu3 and Findmind, for adding this information! Isn't it great when you can shop for specific gifts while supporting these organizations?

    I'm thinking of elderly aunts and the like, who have everything they need and wouldn't mind seeing the money for a gift used as a charitable donation.

    Two more groups that support research to consider:

    For those with FM, the Fibromyalgia Research Association, at www.fmra.net

    For those from the UK, the 25% M.E.Group, at www.25megroup.org

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    Hey there, SW!

    That's great!

    Between that, your work, and your volunteer activities, I'd say you are making quite a big contribution to worthy non-profit organizations, and people in need in general!

    I hope you manage to take some time for yourself now and then!