Eating Disorder and Chronic Fatigue

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    Hello! I am new to the message boards. Recently diagnosed with CFS. I probably will not post very often as my computer use is limited as is my time. I was wondering if anyone else has developed CFS after having an eating disorder. I am now fully recovered from mine (bulimia) and have been for a year and half. I eat normally and very healthy and take vitamins. However my fatigue is worse than ever. My doctor only recently agreed I had CFS. I am not sure where to turn for proper treatment. I should also mention I have had two cases of mononucleosis, once at age 16 and once at age 23, both of which but me out of comission for 3-4 weeks. Also have had various infections including sinus and ear over the years.

    I blame myself for this because I do think my years of abusing my body with the bulimia have caused this problem, but I have also read about a connection between mononucelosis and the epstein barr virus and CFS. My last episode of mono knocked me down pretty hard.

    Any responses would help me feel not so alone. Thank you.
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    Are more common in people with FMS/CFIDS. No one knows why. There are a lot of other illnesses which also travel with ours. While there appears to be a relationship, there is no evidence that one causes the other.

    One of my daughters was anorexic when she was a teenager and I really think we came close to losing her. My belief is that there is a physical, as well as a mental, aspect to these disorders. There may also be genetics involved. Both my daughters suffer from FMS too.

    Love, Mikie
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    Was 5'5" and she was down to 74 pounds. Her cousin, who was her age, also suffered and her parents were very concerned about her too. Now, her little sister has it. Our cousins have suffered some strange immune-related disorders too.

    My Mom had FMS but we didn't know it until she was elderly. I believe her Mother had it as well.

    Love, Mikie