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    Hi everyone,

    Yesterday's post on obesity and fm got me thinking. Be it for cfs or fm what diet plans have you found make you feel better?

    I've messed around with the blood type diet (as a type O that means a lot of meat and vegetables no bread or dairy to speak of). Integrated some of the Body for Life and Swartzenbein (?) principles (eating 5-6x's a day, balancing protein/carbs).

    I know that I feel best on a wheat, dairy, and sugar free diet, but I find that nearly impossible to manage on a day in day out basis.

    I used to be a vegetarian (10yrs) and am curious to know of experiences with a raw diet. I have a plethora of stomach problems so I'm not sure I could handle it, but it sounds intriguing.

    Anyway, I'm trying to set up an eating plan that is time effective and satisfying. Ideally, allowing me fruit (alternative baked goods) and a sense of satisfaction/well-being. Any thoughts/experiences?

    Also, if anybody knows any good alternative sources for things that are wheat/dairy/sugar free that be great to know!

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    Nice to hear from you. I have recently started the Hallalujah Diet at My diet has always been poor and it's hard for me not to believe that all the processed and fake foods created by "man" do not do harm to us in the longrun. This diet focuses on a Meat, dairy, white flour,and salt free diet. So basically I am a vegan. It seemed hard at first but I actually still have a lot of options to choose from. My uncle went on this diet when he had stage 4 colon cancer and has been benign for 6 years. The detox stage that I am in now lasts about a week and you feel pretty bad. After a month, I will reevaluate how I feel and maybe start incorporating fish sparingly into my diet, but you can get plenty of protein from raw nuts, beans, and some vegtables have a good source of protein.
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    Like you, I've tried many different programs/diets for achieving optimal health (candida, Blood Type O, Fat Flush Plan, etc)...while losing is a benefit, its not the guiding force behind my search. I am hypoglycemic, so the plan has to focus on low glycemic foods, with an emphasis on protein.

    The two diets that I have had the greatest benefits from are Dr. Atkins and Suzanne Somers. With Atkins the first two weeks are stricter and you cannot have any fruit; with Somersizing you CAN have fruit, but you must allow a certain amount of time to pass before eating it. With Somersizing you cannot combine carbs with proteins/fats, so you eat carbs (grains, veggies, and fat-free foods) solo; with Atkins you can have small amounts of carbs with each meal, but you must count grams. Both eliminate sugars: Atkins uses Splenda, Somersize uses "Somersweet." Both discuss glycemic index and a number of other important issues. Both encourage a "whole foods" based program.

    The problems I found with each are:

    1. On Atkins I ate too much protein and not enough veggies (probably more my fault than the diets fault), and thus started feeling like crap. But, I lost 4lbs. in the first week. I didn't count grams, and probably had far fewer carbs than he recommends, which is 20 grams per week, for the first 2 weeks.

    2. On Somersizing, I felt good on the protein/fat meals, but usually got headaches after a carb meal. I found that with hypoglycemia, I can fast all day long and NOT get weak with headaches, but if I eat too many high glycemic carbs, ie. grains, even whole-grains, I feel awful. Plus, I didn't lose any weight.

    So, I have decided to do a sorta combined version of both: I eat all the protein/fats/veggies I want, with an occasional fruit at least an hour before meals, and two hours after meals. I eat very low carb, so I don't cook grains, but I do use some of Dr. Atkins' mixes/recipes for baked goods. And, when I want to indulge in sinful treats I eat the low carb bars like Atkins bars and Pure De-Lite bars. On this plan I feel terrific, and my weight is dropping nicely.

    Hope this helps,
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    Will you all look at jordon rubin's back to bible diet that brought him from near death from chrohns and others illnesses he started Garden of Life ie primarl defense

    also i would like MADwolf's opinoin on the green pill super food that is l00% pre digested if it would be safe for those followiong rotation diets cause no way to group foods,

    i've talekd with GOL nutritionist and he says they use best p roducts in the world and ferment and germinated foods 20 45 days and most with chronic illnesses ie digestion problems can tolerate

    please e mail me as i can't post the GOL site here

    thank you

    paul mark