Eating pizza or candy makes me sweat. What can that mean

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Rene, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Anytime I eat pizza or have and something sweet I start sweating and then I have to go to the bathroom for a while-Yuk! Does anyone know what that could mean???
  2. marcus1243

    marcus1243 New Member

    Sounds like you should get yourself checked for food intolerances. You might also want to consider blood sugar tests and maybe candida infection too. I think your answer may well come from those three possibilities (and maybe a combination of them).
    hope this helps
  3. AnnetClo

    AnnetClo New Member

    Hubby has end stage renal disease brought on by diabetes for 20 years. 3 years ago when he started on the dialysis he also started sweating when he would eat. Not every time, but when he did you could see the sweat running down the side of his face and the back of his neck. He finally refused to go to a restaurant because he was so embarrassed. We talked to his doctors (all 5 of them) and nobody had a clue what caused it. Sometimes he will go months without it happening and then it will start up again. We tried to figure out if it was a food allergy and thought once we had it narrowed down to foods with vinegar but then he had it with other things too. I don't think any of his doctors ever considered it a serious problem that they wanted to pursue so he's just had to learn to live with it. Sure hope you have better luck. But if you do figure it out, please post. I think Ronnie would be willing to try anything.