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  1. Sheila1366

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    A good friend of mine highly recommend eating only raw veggie and fruits everyday with orgainic protein. She rarely eats meat but does take supplements to replace the amount of protein needed in her diet. I am thinking of going all organic and eating more raw than cooked vegs. and fruit. I just wonder has anyone changed to eating all raw diets.
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    I do feel better when I include more raw foods in my diet. I've never come even close to 50% though. I've read suggestions to always include one raw food with each meal, because the enzymes will help digest the rest of the meal. I eat nearly all organic. That includes grass-fed organic meats. Grass-fed organic meats are very expensive at the grocery store, but not so high if you buy directly from the farmer.
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    I would never be able to just be on a raw food diet. I have tried to be vegetarian, but wouldn't last longer than couple of weeks. My body needs protein, from fish or poultry. You just have to listen to your body and see how the raw diet would make you feel. We need protein for functioning and getting it from supplements is not the ideal way. If you do eat meat, try to get it grass-fed, antibiotic-free as that's the way to go. I eat organic as much as possible for the past couple of years. You can also try to go to farmer's markets more or join CSA where they deliver farmer's produce to you. That way you can ask them if they use any pesticides. Also, I am a big believer in vegetable juices, as they are a great way to get vitamins/enzymes in your system. I have heard that you should start your day with raw foods and can finish it with cooked or protein.

    The best thing about the raw food diet that I find is their desserts!!! I have a sweet tooth, but swore off sugar couple of years ago. I was able to substitute all cakes/chocolate with raw food ones. They are more expensive, but definitely worth it. You can also make raw food desserts yourself, like fruit tarts, etc. They are delicious!!

    Have you also heard about eating according to your blood type. You might look into that as it was dead on for me and my husband!
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    I wish I could eat a raw food diet or go more Vegetarian but I need protein, usually meat, every few hours or at the very least once a day. I know this is because of CFS. If I don't have meat I get extremely weak. I hear this is common with us. We also tend to do better on a low-carb diet.
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    My body is either allergic or just plain won't digest some of the raw veggies anymore. I can't eat carrots and corn gives me problems now. Tomatoes, too, will give me problems. I used to love a good salad, now, I can barely eat anything that is good for me anymore.