Eating Sweets Makes You" Feel Good"Dr. Beverly Potter

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    This is a copy of a page from Dr. Beverly Potters Book.

    Sugar plays a pivotal role in the brains manufacturing of seritonin,often called the feel good neurotransmitter. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that carry messages from one nerve cell to another. Serotonin works to calm oprations of the brain.When its levels are adequate, you feel pleasantly relaxed and safe, whereas low levels of serotonin are associated with depression, irritability and trouble sleeping.

    Kids ,who are usually cheerful, have plenty of serotonin.As we grow older,however, your serotonin can run low due to diet and general aging.

    Eating sugar and carbohydrates that converted into sugar has a tranquilizing effect.For a fastest tranquilizing effect ,drink a beverage high in honey or sugar.A sugary drink can calm you in 5 minutes.Sucking on pure sugar candy like gumdrops, caramels,mints, or lollipops is also fast acting.Other calm drinks include caffeine free teas, like chamomile or peppermint with generous amounts of honey or sugar.

    Carbohydrates, contained in foods such as potatoes , pasta , bread, beans, or cereal, also calm you down but not quite as quickly. Eating carbohydrate-rich bread takes about forty minutes to slow you down.Don't mix protein with carbohydrates, such as putting milk on cereal or cheese on bread, because the protein will counteract carbohydrates calming effect. Low-fat carbohydrates are better than those that are high in fat, which takes longer to work.Avoid chocolate which is high in fat and contains caffeine.

    Just wanted to share.My daughter bought me her book.I have read it 3 times it has helped me.

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    High levels of sugars and carbs can cause a "high" but doing this will cause a correspondingly high level of insulin release. If done long enough, one can develop insulin resistance, also known as Snydrome X. IR/SX is the precursor to Type II Diabetes.

    Natural carbs from fruits and veggies are the best way to get carbs which will stablize one's mood. Eating high levels of sweets sets one up for a roller coaster ride and eventually, disease.

    One thing the doc is right about is that the carbs and proteins are better eaten separately.

    Love, Mikie

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    I do so love sugar......................well, the little candida critters in my stomach crave sugar which wrecks havoc in my stomach.

    So, sadly, I can't have it.

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    I love sugar too much & have all the symptoms of hypoglycemia that I'm trying to control with a low carb diet.I understand that many of us crave sugar & starch because our bodies are desperately trying to find a source of energy.
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    I found the starches that are said to raise serotonin levels often left me feeling very drowsy and struggling to function, this was most likely to occur at the times of day I craved food generally or sweet foods. Lowering intake of carbs from starchy foods have proved beneficial for many here, the gains have included improved mood, more sustained energy, and less pain

    Sugar provides fuel for various pathogens, including candida, and has been demonstrated to lower resistance. These undesirable effects are in addition to it's adverse effects upon blood sugar and insulin levels.

    It's surely better to eat the right foods, little and often if necessary initially, to keep blood sugar and insulin levels balanced.

    Finding our ideal ratios of carbs-fats-protein can prevent cravings for foods which trigger hypoglyacaemia, insulin resistance, and diabetes type 2.

    One of the best foods for raising seritonin levels is turkey breast, it provides tryptophan.

  6. bioman85

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    Is this doctor really advocating consuming sugar? Sugar is really not supposed to be consumed except in very small quantities...which is pretty much the consensus for doctors and scientists...isn't it?

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