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    I thought I had the flu, but was diagnosed with EBV. (Have had it for several years, but have learned to control it by what I eat.)
    A couple of years ago I saw red blotches on my arms and legs. My doctor diagnosed it as West Nile Virus, but told my family that nothing was wrong with me. ??
    (She told me that I was one of those numbers listed in the news with WNV.)
    A short time after that I noticed a red, bulls-eye target "mark unique to Lyme", on my left upper abdomen. I went to the Infectious Disease Specialist about it; he looked at my back and told me that I didn't have Lyme disease.
    I have been chronically fatigued and feeling "not-well" since then, so my primary care doctor sent me to a Neuropsychologist . He advised me to read a book about aging and a book titled, "It's Not ALL In Your Head". He said, also, that the Oxygen Hyperbaric Therapy Treatment is mostly a scam, that it may help, if you have the "bends" after being in deep water.
    (Also have arthritis, especially in my knees, shoulders and hands.)
    Is there anything I can do that will help me anymore? I am confused and feel overwhelmed.
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    BMW - I'd find a new primary care doctor and start over again. Have you ever been tested for Lyme Disease? The Neuropsychologist and Infectious Disease Specialist both sound like a bunch of morons. o_O
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    A bullseye rash is diagnostic for Lyme disease. In addition, ticks carry many other infections..bacterial, viruses and parasites.

    You really should see a Lyme literate MD to get a good evaluation. People pay out of pocket to do that. You can find a Lyme literate Dr at www.lymenet.org. Go to lymenet.org, click on flash discussion, sign up for free and then go to the "Seeking a Doctor" board. Create a post asking for Lyme literate MD's (LLMD) in your state or area. There are also other boards there, such as the Medical Questions Board where you can read posts and post your own questions.

    Please read the info in the links about Lyme disease and coinfections. It is very common for people to be infected and be misdiagnosed. Most Doctors are not Lyme literate, even Infectious Disease Drs, unfortunately.

    Sadly, Lyme testing is very inaccurate for many reasons. I have chronic lyme disease and all my tests were negative. I was initially also told that I had a virus. 21 years later I figured out I had chronic Lyme, and found a LLMD.

    Many people with Lyme see a large number of doctors before getting a correct diagnosis, if they are ever correctly diagnosed at all.





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