EBV active Just got results need to know next steps

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  1. mxmom419

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    I just got a call from my dr who said my EBV came back active. Definate CFS. I'm not sure what this means except that he thought that's what the case was to start with and now he know's for sure? Is this good news? Does this mean I have a chance at fixing it and feeling better? His nurse was not helpful and I made an appt to talk to him 1/19/07. Weeks away with so many unanswered questions. If someone could lead me down the road to understanding I would be so thank-ful. Any advise right now would be very helpful.
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  2. mxmom419

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    Hey, thanks for responding. Can you tell me what this means? He told me that he thought this was the case and that I should take supplements to help with energy. But, no other details because he needed results first. I'll call them right now but, any info you can give me I'd appreciate it
  3. Slayadragon

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    I don't know what kind of doctor you're seeing, and so am not sure if the recommendation will be transfer factors or anti-virals or what.

    Especially if it's the latter, I would suggest trying to clear your system out of as much yeast as possible before seeing the doctor.

    Unless you've already purposely focused on it hard (and are continuing to do so), it's probably a problem. If you do get rid of whatever yeast is there, you will be better able to handle whatever stress there is from the antiviral or transfer factor.

    I've written a number of posts this month on yeast, and will bump one to the top of the board if you like.

    I'll be eager to hear what your doctor has to say.
  4. z2rus

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    You are not giving enough information. What test returns positive antibodies or direct PCR?
    If antibodies what kind of them G or M class. One class is responsible for long term immune response, other for recent and acute phase.
    Anyway, EBV not a problem by itself up to 70-90% of adult population harboring it and has immunity against and thus elevated antibodies (at least of one class), EBV infection is lifelong and benign.
    The root is in your weaken immune system and that is really bad news case event opportunistic infections can be troublesome.
    My advice instead of antibiotics and antiviral try to strengthen your immune system. If will unable to do that EBV will revive soon. Antibiotics and antiviral add additional burden for your liver.
    Don’t be mad at me but I suggest HIV test (just in case)

    Hope everything will be fine.

  5. mxmom419

    mxmom419 New Member

    thank you all so much for the info.

    Yes please bump on the yeast... My doc is a MD, FABFP.. he suspected that the EBV would be a issue and started me on:

    B12 1000mg, NADH 5mg am & noon, Calcium 1000 mg, Magnesium 500mg, VIT D 600 mg.

    He also told me to take fish oil 1000mg 3xday but, I bought it in liquid form and can't seem to do the metric eval yet.

    The NADH has given me energy quickly so I hope that he keeps me on that. I don't see him until 1/19 unless they have a cancellation.

    My LMT suggested two supplements one is trigger immune and another one. I'll ask the doc if it's okay when I see him.

    I had a response from allwxrider re: this and he gave me great info as well. He also talked to me about mercury toxicity which my doc suspected as well from a flu shot I got last year. So I've sent in the hair sample will wait for those results. Hopefully will be back by the time of my appt.

    I'm very interested in the diet plans since before I got sick I was a very healthy eater and since I got sick went to quick and easy, gained alot of weight and no energy to try to get it off. I hope that getting back to eating healthy will help not only with feeling better but, with the weight as well. But, the yeast issue sounds like I need to be aware of, so any info would be great. I hate to start in the right direction with the wrong road map.

    Thanks again so much
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  6. winsomme

    winsomme New Member

    you might want to send your results to Dr Montoya who is recruiting for another study of the antiviral Valcyte.

    there is a link to his study at the website:


    you might also be able to set up an appointment to see him as he is a practicing infectious disease DR.

    also there is Dr LErner in MI, and i believe the FFCs also treat EBV.

  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    He didn't prescribe an antiviral med. Almost all of us have EBV antibodies but if it is chronically infecting you or reactivating, the AV will get it back under control. The transfer factors work well for chronic viral infections too. You might want to ask him about these things.

    Good luck to you and keep us updated.

    Love, Mikie
  8. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    My Doctor had me take Turmeric (the Herb, not the spice) to put my EBV in remission. I took 1 capsule, 3 times a day. Got rid of all that fluey, achy, sore throat, feel like death feeling. That was 5 or 6 years ago. Turmeric is a GREAT anti-inflammatory and widely used in Ayurvedic medicine.
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  9. z2rus

    z2rus New Member

    Do not be worried about fish oil dosage it is completely safe to take up to 10-15 (2-3 teaspoons) gm daily without any side effect. More for chronic use is not safe toxic effect may occur from mega dosage of vitamin A, though you can keep it under control taking enough vit E which antagonize Vit A pretty well.
  10. mxmom419

    mxmom419 New Member

    Thank you to all of you responding so quickly and helpfully. I'm awaiting the fax of the actual results so I can respond to z2rus. I really can't wait for my doc to get back in town and to discuss all of this w/him. I'm taking notes so I can get all my questions answered. I feel like I have a new drive. I have hope that was pushed aside every time I went to the other dr to get normal results. What a long haul. The relief is unreal and knowing you all are there with the support blanket is unbelievable. You don't know how much strength this has given me. Thank you all soooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!
  11. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    Do any of these tests say how _much_ EBV (or HHV6 or CMV) is present? Or do they just say it's there?

    There's a big difference between a body that has a little bit of a particular virus vs. one that's inundated with it, of course. Like being in the middle of having a cold vs. at the first or last stages of it.

    Of course, since viruses hide in cells (multiplying rapidly without detection), perhaps there's no way to get an accurate count.

    The fact that they hide so well would seem to make EBV (etc.) tests sort of useless, though. Even if they come up negative doesn't mean that there aren't huge numbers of them in hiding, I wouldn't think.

    Based on what I know, I can't see why we wouldn't make the broad assumption that everyone with CFS is swimming with all manner of detectable and/or undetectable herpes viruses at all times. Is there a counterargument for this?
  12. z2rus

    z2rus New Member

    Anti-body tests shows if you immune system has response for specific virus/pathogen. So if you suspect 5 different viruses – you have to perform separate antibody test for every virus and its subtype. There known 6 types of herpes any has specific test (often two class of antibodies)
    Usually there are 2 class of antibody that is virus specific (For example IgA and IgG, or IgG and IgM that depends on virus). First elevated in acute phase or re-infection, second responsible for long-term learned or acquired immunity that mean that you already was infected and next time if re-infection occurs your immune system will react much faster and stronger.
    BUT if your immune system seriously malfunctioning as in AIDS, you may not react to any known virus and thus antibody level can be normal despite that virus all over.

    There is different kind of test – PCR (polymerase chain reaction) – that tests shows specific virus even if your immune system for some reason completely ignores it. Also it shows absolute viral concentration. Test is also virus specific.

    Sigh, that is not unusual to have EBV or Herpes 70-90% tests positive (at least for one class of antibodies. So what, only 0.1 – 0.5% of population has persistent troubles from them. Those kind of troubles arise from weaken immune system. Have your immunity destroyed as in AIDS you get full zoo of viruses and bacteria that peacefully put at rest by normal immune system or under constant control, that keeps them from replication and antibiotics and antiviral not a good solution – hence you stop meds they replicate but in that time only strongest survive remains and you will keep re-infected but for this time with more strong generation.
    CFSID – ID stays for immune dysfunction, take that hint.

    And BTW I don’t believe in virus hiding or invisible viruses. If someone more convenient with such theories why not, not me.

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